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Clear Heels Are Back And Here Are Some Styling Tips

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Clear heels: glamorous or underwhelming? This debate has been an ongoing one; responsible for launching the style of shoe into the spotlight during the 2000s and ushering them away in the early 2010s. The discussion is not looking like it will be resolved any time soon in 2023, as clear heels are reappearing on runways and red carpets alike. Whatever opinion you may have about transparent footwear, it’s looking like the trend is here again for the summer.

Praised for their versatility, clear heels have been worn to everything from business meetings to elegant parties. (Not to mention the ball Cinderella attended.) They go with so much that it might be overwhelming just thinking about all the styling possibilities! Here are some ideas that are sure to revamp your clear heels look.


Regardless of the style you wear, your clear heels will bring a futuristic, sleek edge to your outfit and spice up practically any pair of pants. Many people have been seen rocking their clear heels with a simple pair of jeans and an oversized shirt – perfect for letting everyone know you still mean business even when you’re dressing casually.

If you’re not into the jeans idea, there are plenty of other pant options to style – leather being one of them, for instance. This look is perfect for going out on a colder, end-of-the-summer kind of night.


We already mentioned the baggy t-shirt for a more comfortable look, but what if you were aiming to look more sophisticated? Try styling a plain white blouse or top with your heels. The combo is sure to exhibit the classier, more professional look you’re going for. This type of top is typically a pretty basic piece and should be fairly easy to come across. It will bring the outfit together and add an overall elegant vibe, regardless of your choice of bottoms!

If you want to take professionalism a step further, find a colorful blazer to throw over the set! Blazers are becoming popular in their own right and will add a nice pop of pigment to your outfit. If you don’t own a blazer, no worries! Any colorful coat or jacket that is good for layering should work here.


Clear heels are the perfect thing to accentuate any kind of dress, whether it’s a cocktail dress or a floor-length gown. Because of their transparency, they’ll direct all the attention to the dress you’re wearing and give the illusion of longer legs. This ought to make any style of dress look even more glamorous and chic! You can choose a more colorful dress for a bolder, brighter look or you can stick with the neutrals if you’re trying to keep things a bit more tame.

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While clear heels go with essentially everything, they are seasonal and more of a summer shoe. It’s important to know how to take care of your clear heels as well, especially since fogging is a common occurrence in this style of shoe. To minimize fogging and similar issues with your pair of clear heels or slides, you can make sure the weather isn’t too hot or humid or buy an insole that absorbs moisture and prevents your foot from sliding around inside the shoe.

What are your favorite clear heels outfit ideas? Do you like that they’re back in style? Let us know in the comments!

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