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Once You Try These Redhead Makeup Hacks, You Won’t Go Back

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Being a redhead is incredible, but it can also feel like the one thing that is the bane of your existence. I’ve been a redhead (albeit, strawberry blonde) my whole life (obviously, what a silly sentence), and I’ve dealt with the repercussions. 

For one, I’m one of the most pale people ever, making it insanely hard to find my shade of foundation. Especially when I was younger, brands had a range of five foundations and I was definitely not a part of that range. It went from tan to dark tan, which was not a great range for the majority of the world. I’ve also had so much trouble trying to match my eyebrows with my hair color without it looking neon red, along with figuring out what color mascara would make sense. Makeup for redheads has been an absolute puzzle, and I’m finally piecing it together at age 22. Let’s go.


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Most redheads have light eyebrows that don’t reflect the darkest point of their hair, meaning you can’t really see their brows. For filling them in, I often recommend find a soft or light brown color. My favorite is the Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown. If you are looking for a more red color, I’d recommend you check out the brand Just For Redheads. In their brow tint, they have three colors “Ginger Autumn,” “Ginger Brown” and “Ginger Cocoa.” I have also even seen some girls on TikTok use this beard dye to dye their eyebrows, which is awesome and easy!


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Thankfully, brands are opening their range up in both directions. Personally, I’m usually one of the very first shade of foundation, but sometimes in huge spreads like Fenty’s, I’m a few in! How exciting! Beyond the shade, I would also recommend a tinted moisturizer, because the last thing we want to do is to hide our gorgeous freckles! This “Love Your Freckles Tinted Moisterizer” from Redhead Revolution would be a perfect choice! It comes in three colors: fair, light and medium.


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Personally, I’ve been using black mascara forever, but the game is changing for us redheads. Just For Redheads also has a red hair in four different shades: “Ginger Autumn,” “Ginger Brown,” “Ginger Red” and “Ginger Cocoa.” While that is a game changer in itself, I also want to point out that colored mascara looks incredible on redheads. Colored mascara is once again making an appearance in the beauty world and blue, green and purple looks insanely good on redhead. Green is perfect since it is opposite of red, and depending on your eye color purple and blue can make your eyes pop!


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While it is not technically makeup, SPF needs to be a part of your routine if you are a redhead. In the summer, I used to constantly get burnt or at least have red splotched on my nose and cheeks. Now, I have made it a goal to wear SPF as much as I can because of the current damager and long term effects the sun can have on you. My suggestion would be to find a moisturizer or foundation that has SPF in it if you wear full coverage on the daily. If you don’t, like me, I’d seriously recommend the Supergoop Glow Stick. I seriously use this product every day and keep it in my purse in case I forget to apply it before I leave.


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Whoever said redheads couldn’t wear lipstick was an absolute idiot. Redheads look absolutely stunning in so many different lip shades, but my favorite is red. I mean, redheads are absolute stunners in red lipstick Taylor Swift style. Other than than, redheads look great in nudes and berry tones. Lip color has more to do with your skintone than it does with your hair color, so don’t even worry about it.

What other redhead makeup tips do you live by? Let us know in the comment section below!

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