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Take a Breather: The Best Summer Shows to Binge Watch on TV

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This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Grier Calagione. Find her on Instagram at @g_fac. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at thezillennialzine@gmail.com.

Summer stems visuals of sunshine and time outside, what we often forget is the infamous summer thunderstorm. On rainy nights in, late nights in bed or just as a distraction, summer can also mean time to seriously binge a good TV show. Today we are going to look at new releases for every mood to help you find the perfect summer show on TV.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

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A newly released Season 2 has created a stir on the internet. The first 3 episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty have left fans arguing team Conrad or team Jere. This is a coming of age show taking place in a Massachusttes beach town. Protagonist ‘Belly’ explores her relationship with two brothers amidst a great tragedy. This is the perfect romcom that also tackles serious coming of age struggles and coping mechanisms. There’s also a limit on your binge if you lack control, releasing weekly, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a digestible and relatable show perfect for summer watching.

Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is back for a sixth season this summer. The major bonus of this show is that it doesn’t HAVE to be watched in order, each episode brings new characters, plot and theme. Similar in theory to classic The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror uses sci-fi and dystopian themes and advancement to comment on modern issues typically surrounding the media and technology. This is a fun show to pick up if you aren’t looking for a long term commitment, with one episode plots its easy to pick up and put down.

The Bear

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Season 2 is finally out after a year of acclaimed reviews, The Bear is back on Hulu. Chef “Carmy” works through his own personal problems while also taking over the family business- a Chicago sandwich shop. This is a fast-paced drama rooted in the food-industry, if you’re looking for adrenaline and drama this is your show.

The Idol

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Premiering this summer at the Cannes film festival, The Idol has been a source of conversation. Starring Lily Rose Depp and The Weekend and directed by Euphoria director Sam Levinson, the show was expected to be a breakout hit. Now, it’s the hate watch of the summer. If you’re interested in pop-culture, fashion and don’t get skeeved out by creepy ponytail men- this show is for you!

The Great

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If you are a fan of Bridgerton, Hulu’s “The Great” will be the perfect summer show for you. Elle Fanning stars as the longest reigning female ruler of Russia- Catherine the Great. The show is a very loose historical drama and deeply rooted in sardonic humor. This is a great show to binge watch with three seasons of hour long episodes, you have plenty of content to jump right into.

Jury Duty

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Jury Duty, a TV show or a social experiment? The reality TV show takes place in a real life courtroom with a jury of characters who had no idea they were starring in Prime Videos new hit. Average Joe, Ronald Gladden, is surrounded by a cast of actors who bring him deeper and deeper into a fictional case. This is a hilarious and fascinating binge for those that are looking for a one season wonder.

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With more free time, and so many options, summer is the perfect time to get ahead on a fun TV show. No matter what show you decide to occupy your summer with, it’s crucial to have a go to binge- or even a few!

What summer shows on TV will you be watching? Have you binged any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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