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Which Phoebe Bridgers Song Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

what phoebe bridgers song are you

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Whether you’ve recently seen her opening for Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour or you recognize her as one-third of Boygenius, there’s no denying that Phoebe Bridgers is having quite the summer. Known for her combination of sorrowful, melancholy lyrics with indie folk and rock, Phoebe is the artist to listen to when you need a good cry-in-the-car song. She released solo albums “Stranger in the Alps” in 2017 and “Punisher” in 2020, also contributing to Boygenius’ self-titled EP in 2018.  Her most recent collaboration project “The Record,” was released in March of 2023 by Boygenius as their debut studio album. “The Record ” received a wide range of critical acclaim, taking Bridgers’ fame to the next level along with her group mates, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker. Since she has created such a wide variety of tracks – both solo and collaborations – it’s about time we learn: what Phoebe Bridgers song are you based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – I Know The End

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Ironically enough, the sign that begins the zodiac is being assigned the final track from “Punisher.” Known for their ambitious, competitive and driven attitudes, those with Aries as their zodiac sign rarely shy away from a challenge. The lyric “but I’m not gonna go down with my hometown in a tornado, I’m gonna chase it” perfectly sums up this mindset. I also believe that if anyone deserves the chance to scream the words to the bridge with the windows down, it’s Aries!

Taurus – Garden Song

Those with Taurus as their zodiac sign are known for being some of the most down-to-earth people, so what better track to give Taurus than “Garden Song!” In addition to being great advice-givers and loyal friends, Tauruses also can be resistant to change. They can often remain set in their ways, even when change is necessary. The line “I grew up here ‘til it all went up in flames” might resonate with those of you Tauruses who possess these qualities!

Gemini – Kyoto

We’ve all heard the two-faced Gemini stereotype, but hear me out. Geminis are some of the most interesting and outgoing people on the zodiac! If you’re friends with a Gemini or are one yourself, you’re probably well aware of the charm they can bring to a conversation. However, just as they are adaptable, Geminis have a reputation for being restless and indecisive. “Kyoto” is full of lines that convey the theme of indecision – from “got bored at the temple” to simply “then I changed my mind.”

Cancer – Scott Street

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Just like the other water signs on our list, Cancers are known for being emotional and overly-sensitive. They typically have a nurturing, compassionate side and are no strangers to nostalgia, so “Scott Street” is a perfect representation of this hard-to-place, melancholy feeling. The first line “walking Scott Street, feeling like a stranger with an open heart, open container” especially drives this point home.

Leo – ICU

As the second fire sign on our list, Leos share Aries’ reputation for occasionally being arrogant and competitive. They’re also confident and extremely loyal to those they love. The line “I hate your mom, I hate it when she opens her mouth” works well to represent Leo’s more extreme side, while “I feel something when I see you now” highlights their softer interior. Besides, something about the high-energy intro to “ICU” just screams Leo!

Virgo – Savior Complex

The title might say more about Virgo than the lyrics in this case. Virgos are logical, patient and responsible, but the downside of that can often lead them to feel impatient, stressed or overworked. If you’re a Virgo and find yourself falling into this category, remember to take some time for yourself once in a while! The lyrics “all the skeletons you hide, show me yours, and I’ll show you mine” are the perfect words for Virgos who might need to open up.

Libra – Moon Song

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If there’s one sign that you can always count on to be a die hard romantic, it’s Libra! Lighthearted and fun-loving, Libras have a gift for navigating social situations and achieving popularity. Unfortunately for them, their prioritization of social status can lead them to become gullible and indecisive. “Moon Song” perfectly captures the enamored vibe a Libra in love can give off. “And if I could give you the moon, I would give you the moon” encapsulates this energy.

Scorpio – Punisher

Quick-witted and mysterious, Scorpio is the sign that I would least want to mess with. Those born under the eighth sign of the zodiac can radiate a darker, brooding energy, but that intimidating exterior is usually covering a more caring and emotional interior. “Punisher” is exactly the same in that sense. The title sounds aggressive and scary, but the lyrics and sound convey a more dreamy, emotional theme. The line “I swear I’m not angry, that’s just my face” might just be the case for most misunderstood Scorpios.

Sagittarius – Nothing New

Yes, I know, this is by Taylor Swift, but for the sake of this article, please try to focus more on the (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) part of the song. Sagittarius has the reputation of being the partier of the zodiac, known for their friendly disposition and outspoken personality. When a Sagittarius is having fun, they like to go all out, and why shouldn’t they? This all-in mindset can sometimes lead Sagittarius to be reckless or immature, which perfectly correlates with the song “Nothing New.” “They tell you while you’re young ‘Girls go out and have your fun’ then they hunt and slay the ones who actually do it” is one line out of many this song provides that give a glimpse into the struggle Sagittarius can face.

Capricorn – You Missed My Heart

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While the story described in this song is anything but, Capricorns are most identifiable for being practical. “You Missed My Heart” tells the tale of a murder, for which the narrator of the song is arrested. It’s definitely the most intense Phoebe Bridgers song I’m assigning, but if anyone can handle the responsibility, it’s Capricorn. In addition to their practicality, Capricorns are tolerant and faithful, but also cold and cynical when they have to be. Try giving this song a listen and you’ll see why I couldn’t just pick out one line to assign.

Aquarius – Motion Sickness

Known for being eccentric, unique and innovative, it’s no secret as to why I picked “Motion Sickness” for Aquarius. Some of their more negative traits can cause them to be emotionally detached and unpredictable, which really just supports this pairing more. “I have emotional motion sickness. I try to stay clean and live without. And I want to know what would happen if I surrender to the sound” highlights the more chaotic energy Aquarius can possess while trying to deal with their complex, ever-changing emotional range.

Pisces – Graceland Too

As the final sign in the zodiac, pisces are known for their creative outlook and empathetic personalities, often seen as the starry-eyed dreamers of the group. With this, however, comes crippling oblivion and carelessness, both of which are perfectly embodied by Graceland Too. The line “doesn’t know what she wants, or what she’s gonna do, a rebel without a clue” was undoubtedly written for all the pisces who often find themselves absent-mindedly daydreaming. Not only that, but the line “I would do anything, whatever you want,” is almost too on-the-nose for the level of innocence and naivety a pisces can display.

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What Phoebe Bridgers song are you based on your sign? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!

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