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What Is The TikTok Live AI Trend? Explaining The Popular NPC Trend

What does npc mean on TikTok

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As we all know, Tiktok is a place where some of the craziest and funniest trends form. This new TikTok Live AI trend is no exception. Creators all over are going on live streams and pretending to be artificial intelligence,  NPCs (non-player characters), and even playing the role of well-known video games and anime characters. But what exactly is this trend and why is it so popular right now? What does npc mean on TikTok? Let me break down this peculiar TikTok phenomenon.

What is the AI live trend?

People are pretending to be AI or NPCs on TikTok live by speaking in a monotone robotic-like voice or changing their voice to fit a character. They livestream intending to receive gifts, and have phrases that coordinate with each gift. Some examples include saying “Thank you for the rose, smells so good,” while sniffing the air. “Ice cream so good, yes yes yes,” while making a slurping sound. Saying “gang gang” when receiving a GG gift. And many more phrases for each gift of different price points.

Why is it so popular?

After the popularization of this form of live streaming, people realized that if you get enough viewers to join your live stream you can make thousands of dollars just by saying these phrases while in character. Some popular creators like Pinkydoll have made as much as $4000 a live stream. Many people say they stay to watch these “NPC” because in a way it is addicting to see them constantly speaking and moving like an AI entity. Some people participating in this trend have done lives for hours while rarely breaking character.

Popular creators doing this trend

Even though this style of live stream has been around for a while, Pinkydoll has been credited with its recent growth in popularity. She can stay streaming for hours at a time and is making thousands of dollars for each live stream she does. Now celebrities and social media influencers are starting to attract attention to the AI live trend. Stars like Tamar Braxton, Tana Mongeau, Trisha Paytas and Haley Kalil have all spoken about this trend, and some have even imitated the actions of other live streamers.

Several influences like NerdyWinter, Cherry Crush Tv and IShowSpeed have also been quite successful in doing AI live streams and making significant money from staying on live for hours. It seems like many of the people with success have shown dedication to their characters and personas and rarely break character during their streams. Even though Pinkydoll is one of the most successful, she has been known to break character a few times to discipline her son during her streams.

Recent backlash


What is the NPC trend going on tiktok live #npc #tiktoklive #pinkydoll #news

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Many people on Tiktok are beginning to become annoyed with the oversaturation of this form of live streaming. The AI live trend has been called embarrassing, cringy, and weird by some viewers who think this is something reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode. I think that there is a certain uncanny valley aspect to some of the emotionless faces and voices the streamers are able to maintain.

Some have come online to share their opinion on the similarities between AI live performances and human dolls. I think that certain streamers have a certain sexual undertone to some of the common AI phrases, like “Yeehaw, yes, got me feeling like a cowgirl. Let me ride it,” when being given a cowboy hat or the constant slurping sound when receiving ice creams. Where I and some viewers are concerned is the potential for kids on TikTok to see this behavior and copy it, creating an uncomfortable space where minors can be viewed by adults that may have mal intentions. I think that this is a genuine concern especially because TikTok is flooded with children who are always trying to follow what they think is popular.

Did we help you understand the TikTok Live AI trend, what does NPC mean on TikTok and its popularity? Let us know in the comments!

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