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Jonas Brothers Concert Outfits That Will Hit You With The Love Bug

what to wear to the Jonas Brothers concert

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s fall editorial intern Raven Minyard. Find her on Instagram at @raven.minyard. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Last Saturday, the Jonas Brothers kicked off “The Tour” in Yankee Stadium. With over 90 shows in 20 countries, this is their biggest tour to date. They’ve certainly come a long way since their Disney Channel days, but Zillennials will always remember them as an integral part of our childhood. With a setlist spanning five albums and years of their career, it could be overwhelming trying to decide what to wear to the concert, but don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of cute and funny outfits referencing songs, movies and inside jokes to help narrow down your choices. Here you’ll find a concert outfit that will leave you speechless (over the edge, just breathless). Read on to discover what to wear to the Jonas Brothers concert.

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Camp Rock


@joejonas cant believe this was 1 year ago! Reposting my fave concert moment ever! @Jonas Brothers @Nick Jonas @Kevin Jonas see your for round 2 on #TheTour !! #lasvegas #jonasbrothers #joejonas #camprock #shanegray

♬ original sound – Jo

Let’s start with the early days of the Jonas Brothers’ career. Back in 2008, Camp Rock was my favorite movie (move over, High School Musical). I was, and still am, a Joe girl, so seeing him take on a leading role in this iconic DCOM was a dream come true. When I think of the Jonas Brothers, I still think of their fashion choices in this era: the scarves, the skinny jeans, Joe’s straightened hair, Kevin’s sideburns and Nick’s curls. Channel your inner middle-schooler by rocking a vest over a white t-shirt, a black scarf and the tightest jeans you can find. Now you’re ready to win the Final Jam and sing with Connect 3.

Disney Channel Games

Another iconic moment in Zillennial Disney Channel history was the Disney Channel Games. The Jo Bros and all of our other favorite Disney stars teamed up to compete in various games, and it was the highlight of our summer. Represent the brothers and their teams with these T-shirt recreations, matching shorts, sweatbands and tube socks, and relive your childhood by screaming all the songs at the top of your lungs.

Year 3000

I actively choose to ignore that “Year 3000” is a cover. When I hear this song, I always think of the Jonas Brothers. They made it their own and introduced it to a new generation, so of course we have outfit options. Dress as the great great great granddaughter by putting your hair in some space buns and slipping into a shiny, futuristic dress and some silver gogo boots. Or go as the brothers in the music video and wear a white button-up and pants with a silver tie.

Burnin’ Up

You can’t talk about the Jonas Brothers without mentioning their hit song “Burnin’ Up”. Everyone knows the red dress line, so why not have your main character moment by wearing high heels and a red dress? Maybe you’ll even get lucky and Nick will sing the line. If you want a more comfortable option, try this flame Burnin’ Up t-shirt with a cute skirt or shorts. Whichever outfit you choose, you can turn the temperature hotter with these heart-shaped sunglasses from Etsy or this pair from Amazon.

Love Bug


Something so healing about getting to experience things as an adult you were aboe to as a kid 🥹❤️🐞 ily @Jonas Brothers #thetour #jonasbrothers #jonasbrothersyankeestadium #5albumsonenight #lovebug #jobros #yankeestadium #jonasbrothersconcert

♬ Lovebug – Jonas Brothers

“Burnin’ Up” isn’t the only hit the A Little Bit Longer album gave us. I’ve seen the Jonas Brothers twice, and the energy at the “Love Bug” beat drop is always insane. It’s always my most anticipated song. Add to the hype by basing your outfit around the song. You can go all out by wearing a costume or keep it simple with a t-shirt and a love bug antenna headband. If you’re looking for something a little more obscure, this shirt is for the fans who know “I dropped my pencil” is the best line in the song.

Happiness Begins

What better way to enjoy the concert than by celebrating the album that brought them back together? If you want to match one of their most recognizable Happiness Begins tour outfits, this suit comes in multiple colors. For a more chill option, channel the “Cool” music video with a Hawaiian shirt and aviators. Or maybe you’re a sucker for this T-shirt. Whatever you decide, you’ll know that happiness begins the moment the Jonas Brothers take the stage.

The Album

Of course, we also have to celebrate the Jonas Brothers’ newest album, aptly titled The Album. Show your love for the Brothers and everyone’s favorite late-night restaurant Waffle House by dressing as a diner waitress or even a giant waffle. If you want “Americana” vibes, try some bell bottoms, a Montana Sky shirt and a fringe jacket. Most people seem to be taking the nostalgia route for their costumes, so if you want to stand out, dressing for their newest album is the way to go.

Did this article help you decide what to wear to the Jonas Brothers concert? What songs are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments!

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