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If You Thought Girl Math Was Confusing, Make Way For Boy Math

boy math

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Girl math was making the rounds on social media last month and basically it’s the concept girls use to manage their money. After this trend got popular, boys on the internet were claiming that our girl math didn’t make any sense and this is how “boy math” was born. The best part is that boy math doesn’t have anything to do with math at all.

What is boy math?


The “girl math” trend where women joke about our spending habits and love for shopping was harmless and fun. Then men started to chime in and Boy Math was born. I share some epic tweets from women calling out men and their bad habits. #dating #boymath #girlmath #datingtips #datingadvice

♬ original sound – Shawnda

TikTok user @lifecoachshawn says it perfectly. Women on the internet were using the “girl math” to poke fun of ourselves, but once the men started thinking they could jump in on the action this is when the tables turned and we started calling them out with boy math.

Examples of boy math


Replying to @mary i fkn almost fell out on the FLOOR at the end bc y did he say that😭😭

♬ original sound – kendall🍒

If you have ever gone on a first date with a man, you may have witnessed boy math in person. Not only were they trying to impress you, but they might have (most likely) ended up offending you. Watch this TikTok by user @kendallkiper for the most perfect example of how out-of-pocket boy math can be.

In this TikTok, a girl is on a first date and was able to prop her phone up on her purse out of sight. She was able to capture the moment in which her date stated, “The body is a temple and who you share your body with is the most important thing ever. Especially as a girl, right?” He uses this as an opener to ask her what her body count is. When she doesn’t answer right away he says, “I’m at like, honestly a hundred or a hundred twenty. I just be out and about doing my thing.” The girl states she has a lot less than him and her body count is less than ten. The guy then starts saying, “That’s under ten too much, you know.” He also uses some profanities to show his disgust. This is obviously uncalled for because there was nothing wrong with her answer and it poses a clear double standard since his own was so high in comparison. The girl is visibly trying not to laugh in this guy’s face and quickly asks for the check.

This is a more extreme example but I’m sure we have all had a similar moment in our dating history. The most common one I’ve experienced is when a man says he is 6 feet tall and he is barely 5’8”. This one sticks out to me because why would you lie about something that is out in the open like that? It sets you up to look like a liar and messes up the whole night, especially because I’m 5’8” and if they are shorter than me and lied about it, things get awkward real fast. Another example is when you tell the guy you’re seeing that you didn’t like how he was liking a certain girl’s Instagram pictures and he takes it way too far and states that he is going to simply delete the entire app.


Replying to @Ryan Maxwell im HOLLERING

♬ original sound – Ryan Maxwell

One of my favorite creators @ryanmaxwell22 did a few videos reading relatable tweets about boy math.

My favorite Tweet from this video jokes about how guys make fun of girls for wearing too much makeup, but then they constantly wear baseball hats to hide their receding hairline or baldness. We all have insecurities, but why do men feel the need to call us out like that? Make it make sense, boys!

At the end of the day, us girls were poking fun at our spending habits with the girl math trend and men thought they could enter the chat without any consequences. We might be a little delusional when it comes to our finances but that’s typically where our delusion ends. We can’t say the same for guys.

Let us know if you have witnessed boy math on any of your dates or share your favorite boy math example!

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