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Back By Popular Demand, How To Crochet Houndstooth

crochet houndstooth pattern

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Three weeks ago we posted an article about two ways to crochet gingham because plaid is super in style this fall, and you guys loved it! We got a few requests on Instagram asking for a tutorial on how to crochet the houndstooth pattern. I did some research, tested it out, and now am back with a method that I think is both easy and replicates this unique pattern. Let’s get stitching!

How To Replicate Patterns


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Houndstooth is unique compared to typical plaids because of its diagonal shape and pattern. With plaids, we only had to deal with keeping the same stitch and stacking the colors into respective rows and boxes. Houndstooth is a bit more complicated. Breaking down the pattern into a box grid is one way to go about replicating the pattern, however, you will have to enlarge the pattern extremely to compensate. Unless you’re using super fine yarn, it’s not going to turn out good, trust me. So, in order to get close to the pattern, crocheters have looked into the structure of individual stitches and how to order them so that they can replicate the diagonals of houndstooth. Here’s what you’ll need to crochet this look.



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Luckily, this pattern is pretty easy. If you’re a beginner, this is a great introduction to more complex stitches and patternwork. To be able to crochet the houndstooth pattern, you only need to know how to single crochet and double crochet. These stitches repeat one after the other, and row to row the opposites stack on top of each other. Because the double crochet stitch is taller than the single crochet stitch, the twist of the stitch makes it look like it is leaning and the strands make the shape of the houndstooth. Isn’t that so clever! 

The other major part of the houndstooth pattern is that two colors are used. Typically this is white and black, but any two contrasting colors will do. Make sure the two yarns use the same size hook. 

To use the houndstooth pattern in a project pattern, make a test swatch first to check the gauge. This is important because each row uses a mix of stitch heights, so you’ll want to make sure the rows will match up to the gauge set by the pattern, or mathematically calculate how to compensate if you have a longer or shorter gauge. 

So, the materials you need include:

  • A skein of white yarn (or an alternative color)
  • A skein of black yarn (or a second alternative color)
  • The recommended hook size to use with your yarn

The Houndstooth Pattern

Because this pattern alternates between a single crochet stitch and then a double crochet stitch, you will need to chain an even number of chains, and then one more to turn. Because it’s only two stitches, this makes it super easy to use in many project patterns. Oftentimes garment patterns will not be extremely affected by having an extra stitch, especially because those patterns often accommodate for different sizes. But, in general, make sure you read a pattern fully to assess if you think you can use houndstooth before altering the pattern.

To get started, begin with white yarn. Chain an even number, then chain one more and turn

Row 1: In the second chain from the hook, make one single crochet stitch. In the next stitch make one double crochet stitch. Repeat, alternating single crochet and double crochet stitches until the end of the row. Switch color to black to chain one and turn.

Row 2: Using black, repeat row one. The single crochet stitches are worked on top of the double crochet stitches from row one, and the double crochet stitches are worked on top of the single crochet stitches from row one. Repeat to the end of the row. Switch to white to chain one and turn.

Repeat these rows until you reach the desired length.

And that’s the houndstooth pattern! What do you want to make with this pattern? Tell us in the comments below!

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