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Is The “Money Will Come Back” Trend On TikTok Positive Thinking Or A Bit Tone Deaf?

I love seeing travel advice and inspiration on my Instagram and TikTok pages. It feels good to see the different ways to explore the world. However, a new TikTok trend has left me feeling a bit uncertain about seeing so many travel videos. I’m talking about the summer TikTok videos where people are showing off their vacations or other purchases with the caption “the money will come back”…

Activism, Pop Culture, What's trending?

“Pick Me Girls” Are Ruining Feminism – But Not In The Way You Think

Have you heard the term “pick me” flying all over social media lately? What does this term mean? Urban dictionary defines the term as follows: “a woman [who] is willing to do anything for male approval. She will embarrass or throw other women under the bus to achieve this goal.” However, people may also call someone a “pick me” when they are overly-excited while keeping themselves in the limelight…

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