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Dry Dating: Is Dating Sober the Key to a More Authentic Connection?

You’re getting ready for a date with someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of weeks. Obviously, you’re a little nervous and just want things to go well. As soon as you get to dinner, the first thing on your mind is getting a glass of wine or a cocktail to ease your anxiety…

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How To Avoid Student Loan Debt At A University – From Experience

In college, money is not abundant. In fact, the entire time I was in college, me and everyone around me were penny-pinching and constantly trying to make ends meet. Congratulations, I have amazing news. It is possible to make it through college without going broke AND it’s actually possible to make it through college without a surmountable amount of debt…

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Make Some Cash With These Easy Ways To Resell Clothes – Online & Locally

Need a quick buck? Who doesn’t? Well, if you have some extra clothes lying around that you don’t typically wear, it can be super simple to turn those clothes into cash! There are tons of avenues you can go down to sell your used clothing, and on top of getting some money out of it, you’re also helping to eliminate fashion waste and help the environment…

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“Friendship Dating” Apps Are The Go-To Way To Make Friends in 2022… But Do They Work?

In the digital age, it can seem impossible to meet people. While I wasn’t there, it truly seems like the world has completely changed since the ‘90s. When you head out to the bar, in hopes to meet some friends, everyone is already spoken for, in groups and cliques and it’s impossible to join in. And where else is there to go?

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