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Do You Know How To Paint An Arch? This Is The Latest Boho TikTok Trend

how to paint an arch

Sometimes you want to spice up a space with a little bit of paint. You can do this by painting an entire room, a singular wall, or by painting a design. Lately on TikTok, painting arch shapes to change up a room has become a huge trend. I personally love the way this looks because it has a super boho vibe and goes really well with my new wicker obsession. Arches are an awesome way to give a room personality or bring fun shapes to a space, much like arch doorways do. Here’s exactly how to paint an arch to create a gorgeous boho accent wall in your house.

Step 1: Pick a paint color

First off, you’ll want to pick a color that will match your room. Personally, I’m wanting to paint an arch in my living room and I’ve picked a warm orange that will go well with the chairs and rug in the room. This TikToker chose a really cool green which matches her plants really well. This step all depends on the decor and vibe you’re trying to create for your room. Make sure the color you choose is timeless so you don’t regret painting it later, especially if you’re painting it in a central room of your house.

Step 2: Use the pencil and string method to draw out your arch


Just added this painted arch to the guest room! Follow along to see how I style it✨ #homeimprovement #homediy #diyhomedecor #homemade

♬ willow – Taylor Swift

To get the perfect arch, most people measure out the center of where they’d like their arch to be. Then, they pin a string to the center and use a pencil to create an arch on the wall. After this, you’ll want to tape off the sides of the arch so the paint can stay within the lines. You can also tape off the curve of the arch if you have the patience to do so, or you can leave it open and just be careful when painting around that portion.

Step 3: Get painting


back in my sister’s new room (my old room), this time we painted her a headboard! #diy #diyprojects #paintedarch #arch #paintedheadboard #ColdDays

♬ Save Your Tears – The Weeknd

This is the fun part! Once your arch is mapped out on the wall, you can get to painting! You’ll probably need a few coats to make it look solid and even, depending on the color you chose. Then, once you like the way it looks, pull the tape off to get those satisfying clean lines! If there’s anything to fix, make sure to have some white paint (or whatever color your wall originally was) to touch up the edges!

What do you think about this TikTok trend? Do you think you’ll give it a shot now that we’ve gone over how to paint an arch? Or do you have another idea? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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