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7 Fun Unique Date Ideas For Bored Couples To Try

fun unique date ideas

Regardless of if you’ve been in a relationship for a while or if you’re just starting to get to know someone new, dating is important. It lets you go out and experience things with that other person and build your relationship. However, dating has been getting more and more tricky. Coming up with new date ideas can be hard and money as well as health concerns with the Delta variant can make it seem like you’re out of options. Fret not, however, I’ve got 10 fun unique date ideas to share—one is bound to be perfect for your next date.

Scavenger Hunt

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Not only is this a super fun date idea, it also helps bring out your partner’s competitive side. Whether you’re competing against each other or maybe even other groups, scavenger hunts offer endless options and depending on what you’re looking for, can be super romantic. You can make up your own list of things to look for, or find one curated for seeing the sights in your area, or even one with random items and the intention to tell a wild story. Regardless, photos with each find is a must and a great way to get the memories going.


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Foraging with your date can be a fun way to get to know what kind of useable plants and other materials are from your area. Like a scavenger hunt, foraging offers up the opportunity for being competitive with your finds, but it also gives space for quiet conversations in nature with someone you’re trying to get to know better. Who knows, finding herbs or mushrooms might lead into a cooking-dinner-with-what-you-found-date.

Urban Trail

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While I’m lucky to live somewhere with an abundance of great hiking trails, I understand that not everyone can be so fortunate. However, lots of areas have urban trails, which often bring pedestrians through sights around your city or even just little pockets of nature tucked between all the concrete. Urban trails are another great way to be outside and walk and talk to your person without breaking the bank or leaving town.

Crafting Picnic

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Everyone’s been on a picnic, not everyone can say they’ve used the fact that they’re outdoors so they can have a messy and fun craft time to its full potential. While food is certainly welcome to be involved, a crafting picnic has endless possibilities for messy fun and getting a glimpse at your partner’s creative side.

Skate Date

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Whether either of you regularly skate or not, cruising through town together on some wheels can be freeing, fun, and still offers room for conversation. Although if it’s more like stumbling through town instead of cruising, that can be cute too! With a positive mindset, it can be fun learning something new together!

Cook For Each Other

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Want to showcase your master bruschetta-making abilities? Here’s your chance. Making food for the other person can be sweet, romantic, and oh-so delicious. So it’s not too much work for either person, responsibilities can be spit or you can work together to make something tasty. The possibilities are endless!

Volunteer Together

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There’s never not a need for volunteers in a community. If you and your partner are both passionate about something, why not fight for that cause together and make it fun enough to be a date? If you both care about environmentalism, trash pick-ups can be up-beat and fun. If you are both concerned about homelessness, packing meals together can be both exciting and beneficial for the community.

Which one of these fun unique date ideas will you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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