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Keep Connected With These Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

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Are you in a long-distance relationship or have a friend or family member who lives far away? Well, it can be really hard to find a gift for them that takes this distance into account. That acknowledges how far away you are from each other, but show how much you love and support them. Today, I’ve rounded up all of the best gift ideas for long distance relationships and friendships that will show you care from worlds away and keep you connected. There are some really awesome gift ideas out there so you can still feel really close to your person even if for whatever reason, the two of you have to be apart for a specific amount of time. 

Friendship Lamps – $189

gift ideas for long distance

These friendship lamps can help you stay connected from anywhere. You can have your lamp pick a random color when you turn it on or set up your signature color, so that every time it turns on, your favorite color appears. Once you turn your lamp on, your friend’s lamp will turn on too! This gift is an easy way to let your person know that you’re thinking of them or to just say hi! You can also have different colors for different meanings which makes them fun gift really versatile and unique.

Bound Touch Bracelet – $59

gift ideas for long distance

In the same type of way as the last one, this bond touch bracelet lets you know when your special person is thinking about you. But instead of just lighting up, you can also feel the natural vibrations of their touch! If you can’t be together to hug, high five or cuddle, you can at least touch one another through this bracelet which makes it really cool. You can also pick a color to light up their bracelet with, just like with the lamps! How cute!

Lovebox – $119.99

gift ideas for long distance

This one is really fun and unique! The box connects to your cellphone and you can send any photo, message, or drawing you want through the box to your special person! The other person opens up their box to find whatever creation you have sent their way. I love the idea of this one because you can draw them something funny or send them a cute memory you two once had. The options are literally endless and it can be so easy to brighten their day by having something waiting for them in their box at the end of a long day or in the morning when they wake up.

Coordinate Bracelet – $15

gift ideas for long distance

While this one isn’t interactive like the others, wearing a coordinate that means something to you is a great reminder of your person and what your relationship means! The coordinate could be the place you met, your favorite coffee shop, your house, where your person lives, or somewhere meaningful that your friend, partner or family member will want to keep with them. Having this constant reminder is a really lovely way to show them that you care about them.

State Necklaces – $17.99

state necklaces

These necklaces take friendship jewelry to the next level. Show off both the states you reside in with these super cute necklaces, that come in silver, gold, and rose gold. They also engrave countries if you and your person are oceans away.

What are your favorite gift ideas for long-distance relationships or friendships? Let us know in the comments below!

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