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Go from meh to squeaky clean with 10 products that will upgrade your shower routine

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For many of us, taking a shower may be one of the only times each day you spend on self care. As we all know though, self care is SUPER important and shouldn’t be skimped out on. If you like feeling pampered in the shower, or if you just want to make your showers an overall better experience, prepare to add some of these products to your cart because they upgrade your shower routine in the best possible ways.

1. The ultimate shower head

If you don’t get anything else on this list, be sure to get this one, you won’t regret it. I bought this shower head and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using whatever shower head comes with my rentals EVER again. Not only do the clay and charcoal beads in this shower head filter out hard water chemicals to make for a higher quality shower, it does so much more! This shower head also increases the water pressure of your shower AND comes with a hose, for more ease than a standard shower head. Also, probably the coolest part, in my opinion, is that it has smart lights! The lights in this shower head let you know if the water temperature is safe for your skin. If the light is red (especially flashing red), the water is too hot, if it is blue, it is warm and still safe for your skin, but if it is green then it is cooler and a great temperature for your skin and hair. Again, if you get anything on this list, be sure to give this shower head a try — one shower and you’ll be hooked, like me!

2. Waterproof speaker

If your ideal shower involves singing along to throwback bangers while lathering (which, if it doesn’t, it should), you’ll be in need of a waterproof speaker. I like to make short playlists to let me know how much longer I should take in the shower, and having the speaker IN the shower with me makes the music a lot louder and easier to listen to. Bonus points to this speaker for having a strap it can hang from, also making for a more convenient shower speaker. 

3. Handy shower curtain liner

As soon as I found out they made shower curtain liners with mesh pockets, I clicked add to cart and bought this one. I’m not sure what I loved more; the idea of having everything organized in their own pockets or the fact that my bathtub’s ledges aren’t cluttered with products anymore. Goodbye, bending over to get shampoo. Hello, more room for candles when it’s bath time!

4. Foot scrubber

I am such a ticklish person, especially with my feet, so this definitely doesn’t live in my shower BUT my mom and sister both have foot scrubbers in their showers and they love them! Sure, it helps make sure your feet are squeaky clean and super soft, but this foot scrubber also offers a massage-quality that is great for your foot health! 

5. A luxurious bath mat

What’s better than treating your toes to something comfy and cozy after scrubbing them squeaky clean? I’ll wait. This fancy bath mat is not only memory foam — which is undoubtedly comfier than one’s bathroom floor — but it’s also fluffy and cute!

6. Shampoo brush head

Since I started using these, I have noticed such a difference in my scalp health and how fast my hair is growing! Not to mention, it feels AMAZING. My favorite feeling at the hair salon was always getting my hair shampooed by a long-nailed stylist. Now you can achieve that marvelous feeling at home while lathering up every shower!

7. Scrubby gloves

If you’re looking for a deep clean along with some deep exfoliation, look no further than these scrubby gloves! I find it easy to reach every crevice and curve with gloves over any other type of loofah or sponge, so you can expect your ENTIRE body to be smooth and clean once you’ve finished your shower.

8. Silicone face scrubber

I have been using these silicone face scrubbers for about three years now, and I’ll say, they give the gentle exfoliation you want for your face without getting gross over time like a scrub brush or wash cloth might. Additionally, they’re cheap, and suction to your mirror or shower wall! What more could you ask for?

9. Bathtub lights

If you want to get super fancy, you can even bring the vibe into the bathtub with these waterproof LED lights! Often, relaxation can be found in ambiance, so I try to use bright white lights as little as possible, and your bath or shower can be a great place to experiment with different lighting moods. 

10. Cute non-slip mat

Who knew not slipping around in the shower could look so cute? This non-slip mat comes in lots of colors and is antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about it getting super gross over time. 

Bonus Tip!

I’ve learned more from cleaning TikTok than I sometimes feel like I have throughout my degree so far, but this hack was too good not to share! If you keep one of these dish brushes that also dispenses soap in your shower ready-to-go with either dish soap or a solution of your choice, you can use it in your shower to keep the space itself nice and clean! I like to whip out my dish brush whenever I have a hair mask in, and the detachable shower head makes it so easy to rinse away the soap from scrubbing the walls and the tub. 

Stay fresh, friends!

Which shower upgrade will be making its way into your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

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