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10 Go-To Gifts For When You’re Fresh Out Of Ideas

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what to get for someone who has everything

Looking for a gift for a coworker you don’t know too well? Got a lot of fall babies in your life but no idea what to get them for their birthday? Need to figure out what to get for someone who has everything? Don’t worry! I got you. Here are 10 go-to gift ideas for when you have no clue what to get someone.

Self-Care Massage Kit – $17.98 

what to get for someone who has everything

Anyone can benefit from self care, especially with this kit. It includes a Gua Sha massage tool, a facial roller, and a silicone brush for applying serums or face masks. The items in the kit are also made out of real rose quartz, which is said to help promote circulation and symbolize love — how fitting if you’re gifting it to someone you love!

Disposable Camera – $25

what to get for someone who has everything

My friends and I can’t get enough of these, and I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone of any age! Not only might this gift make someone nostalgic over school field trips to the Zoo in elementary school, but it will also help capture the recipient’s new memories in a super fun way! If you’re looking for a bigger gift, though, this one also pairs so well with other ideas! Maybe add on a photo album or even an experience for the recipient to capture with their camera!

Flowers – $33.13


They’re a classic gift for a reason! Live flowers bring brightness and a fresh feeling into someone’s home. Flowers also have the option of being hand-delivered by you or someone else, which can be a great surprise either way! Attaching a heartfelt note can go the extra mile and really brighten someone’s day!

Reversible Octopus Plushie – $15


Not only are these ADORABLE, they’re a cute way for the recipient to let someone know how they’re feeling without using their words. Whether you’re gifting to a kid or an adult, this sensory toy is great for a lot of situations! Plus, they come in SO many colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the right fit for somebody.

Wine Rack – $28.99


Is your recipient a wine lover? Well, this tabletop wine rack not only holds wine bottles, but also glasses AND has a cork-collecting spot. Even though it can hold up to four bottles of wine and six glasses, the rack is nice and compact, so it should fit in anyone’s space and still look classy!

Beeswax Wrap – $14.99

bee's wrap

This beeswax wrap is cute and functional and perfect for the eco-conscious people in your life! They’re washable, come in fun patterns, and just might be a great addition to your recipient’s lunchbox!

Shower Steamer Set – $16.05

shower steamers

We’ve all been gifted bath bombs at one point or another, but how often do most of us really take the time to have a bath? I know it’s a rare (but lovely) occasion for me. Maybe treat your recipient to something slightly more practical but luxurious all the same: a shower steamer! These turn your shower into an aromatherapy treatment and I’m all here for it!

Hammock – $23.95


This is another gift that could be great for anyone! Who doesn’t like lounging in a hammock outside? And this compact one is great for anyone to bring with them on-the-go for a moment of zen in their daily life. No matter their age or interests, almost everyone would be excited to get one of these!

Hand and foot care kit – $10.89

hand and foot care gift

Give your recipient’s body some extra TLC by gifting them this tips and toes kit! Burt’s Bees gift sets are always a go-to for me, and this one includes some of my all-time favorites. It also makes a great option for anyone, as the scents and product purposes are gender-neutral, and high quality!

Garden kit – $29.90

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Gardening kits are fun and easy enough even if your recipient doesn’t have the biggest green thumb. This herbal tea growing kit is also dual-functional, as once the herbs are grown, they can be used in teas. Other kits of this nature exist to suit anyone’s interests, from cocktail herb growing kits to cooking kits, gardening sets won’t disappoint!

Have an idea of what to get for someone who has everything? We hope this gift guide helped! Let us know in the comments below!

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