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Not A Coffee Drinker? Try These Non Coffee Starbucks Drinks Instead

non coffee Starbucks drinks

Nothing makes me happier than getting a Starbucks drink. I know, so basic, but who cares? It brings me joy! But here’s the thing… I don’t drink coffee. Coffee doesn’t taste very good to me, and also kills my stomach, so I don’t drink it. While I know Starbucks is known for its coffee because that’s what it was built on, I don’t really care. I love getting a Starbucks because it feels like a treat for myself, especially if I’ve had a hard week or accomplished something big. So, what does someone who doesn’t drink coffee get at a coffee shop? Here are my favorite non coffee Starbucks drinks!

Iced Chai

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Once again, this is a very basic order, but it is one of the best drinks on the menu. And something I love about it is how customizable it is! For the different seasons, you can really dress it up. For fall, I usually get an iced chai with pumpkin cold foam on top! For the winter, you can get a peppermint or a gingerbread chai! On any given day, you can put vanilla sweet cream cold foam on it or add a few pumps of your favorite flavor like cinnamon dolce! Chais are versatile, delicious and the perfect iced drink. I would drink a chai at any time of the day, whether I’m waiting for my day to beginning or I’m going to be getting ready for bed soon.


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While I’m not just talking about the Pink Drink, I’m not going to leave it out. A Pink Drink on a hot summer day is the way to go, for sure! But beyond that, Starbucks has a ton of different refreshers to choose from. Kiwi Starfruit, Mango Dragonfruit and Very Berry Hibiscus are just a few on the menu. Add coconut milk to any of them to make the Violet Drink, Dragon Drink and Star Drink. Refreshers are amazing because they are fruity and – well, refreshing. They make me feel very happy and are one of my favorite drinks for when I’m walking around Target shopping.


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Whether it is hot or cold outside, Starbucks has a great variety of teas to choose from. I love London Fogs, so when it gets chilly outside, that is one of my go-to orders. Their iced teas are also delicious and you can add your favorite flavors or sweeteners to them! They also have an iced matcha, which I’m obsessed with. Having a mix of lemonade and tea can also be a really fun and unique drink, if you’re feeling like trying something different. 

Hot Cocoa

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This one is pretty obvious but I feel like it gets overlooked. A hot chocolate is the perfect go to on a chilly day. You know having a hot chocolate with peppermint tastes like Christmas, or mixing in some pumpkin will be the perfect fall treat. For a non caffeinated beverage, you can try out all of the new flavors in a hot cocoa. 


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Am I the only one who had no idea that Starbucks has lemonade?? But, they do! You can get lemonade mixed into your favorite refresher or iced tea, or drink it on its own! They also have a Blended Strawberry Lemonade that looks so refreshing and delicious. If you’re with kids, getting them a lemonade is definitely the perfect treat that isn’t caffeinated (or for you if you can’t have caffeine).

What are your favorite non coffee Starbucks drinks? Let us know in the comments below!

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