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4 Childhood Cartoons That Absolutely Deserve Their Own Reboots (Done Right This Time)

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When it comes to childhood cartoons, I feel like our generation did it right and the TV shows in 2000s were so GOOD. Despite this, we’ve been seeing modern-day reboots of things that might not have even been the cream of the crop in the first place — or maybe I just have unpopular opinions. Regardless, I think these childhood cartoons deserve modern day reboots, perhaps even with comedy that grew up with its audience.

Gravity Falls

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This show was so well written and the characters are so lovable, that it’s hard to believe it only got two seasons on the air. The show kicked off in 2012 and ever since, Disney has been making shorts associated with it, but there hasn’t been a full-length episode since the season finale, “Wierdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls.” There is so much that could be done with the mystery-fantasy theme, but it ended so soon. The animation is exciting, the writing is top-tier, and the characters are so so good. I think there is a lot of reboot-ability with Gravity Falls, especially if the writers decided to have Mabel and Dipper return for a summer, years after their original visit when they were 12 going on 13 in a reboot. When I watched the first season as I was growing up, I was probably 12 as well, so it could be super interesting to see what 20-something Mabel and Dipper are like and what kinds of potentially-darker and spookier mysteries they have to crack would be.

Kim Possible

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Okay, I know this show technically got a reboot with the Disney Channel live-action movie, but honestly, Kim Possible deserves a little more than what it got dealt. I think an animated reboot geared toward an older generation would be SO fun! A live action Kim could never do the O.G. cartoon justice. So, a cartoon reboot would honestly be AMAZING. The show could even make the move from a crime-fighting highschool cheerleader, to a crime-fighting typical college kid and it would still be SO entertaining.


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Recess has some GREAT potential for a modern-day reboot. The characters were amazingly written, the animation style was fun, and it was genuinely funny! A modern-day reboot could easily place the kids in an older grade, even in college, or even center around a workplace. I think an older-version reboot would be super popular with our generation. This was one of the shows that was really underrated with our generation but the fan base is huge. If you mention this show to one of the people who loved it, it’s such a hot topic. This reboot would bring in so many fans and would be so much fun for all of us to relive again. 

Magic Schoolbus

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This show was SO cool, and how awesome would a modern-day reboot be. Ms. Frizzle could teach a college or high school class and we can learn more grown-up lessons, but just as useful ones nonetheless. Science shows are always interesting, and Magic Schoolbus did it in such an interesting way, that creators could easily entertain older viewers in a modern-day cartoon reboot with the whole lovable gang. We’re also aware that Netflix made a recent reboot of this show, we’re choosing to ignore it, because this show deserves better.

Did you watch any of these childhood shows? Do you think TV shows in 2000s were better than today? What shows do you think deserve modern-day reboots? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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