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10 House Smell Good Hacks To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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house smell good hacks

In my opinion, there’s not much better than coming home to a great smelling place. It can be so nice to treat your senses, especially at home, and I feel the coziest and happiest when my apartment smells amazing. So, here are some house smell good hacks I’ve learned along the way that help make your space smell great!

DIY scent booster baggies

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If you love the smell of fresh laundry, you can not only add scent boosters to your washing machine loads, but you can also get little mesh baggies to fill with the scent booster beads and hide around your house. Some great places to place these include between pillows on your bed or couch, inside shoes that might get smelly, in your dresser drawers and between towels in your linen closet. This will keep the fresh laundry smell going WAY longer than it might last on the items you wash and also help eliminate and mask odors.

Candles and incense

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This one might be a no-brainer, but continuously (or at least regularly) having something burning at home like candles or incense can really help carry great smells all throughout the day and amp up the coziness level of your home. I usually prefer lighter and more floral or linen scents in the spring and summertime, but in the cooler months, scents with more spice and depth are great options. Not to mention, lighting a candle or some incense can help set the cozy mood. If you’re looking for fall candle recommendations, check out this article!

Citrus down the drain

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One of the areas in your home that can start to smell pretty easily is your drains and more specifically, your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal. An easy way to help eliminate this smell is to throw your leftover citrus into the garbage disposal to help clean and freshen it up. However, if you’re looking for something a little stronger, these Disposer Fresheners are also a great option!


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This hack is a little bit simpler but can make a world of difference. Oftentimes, our spaces can start to get stuffy and develop odors from that stuffiness if there isn’t enough airflow in your home. In warmer months, this can be a lot easier to remedy: simply leave your windows open to let fresh air in. One of my favorite products is this magnetic screen that can allow you to keep your doorways open as well. However, keeping the airflow going can be a lot more difficult especially if you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter months. In this case, I find it is helpful to just be mindful of the airflow within your home. Perhaps you’ll be gone for an hour to do some grocery shopping, during that time, you can crack your windows briefly to let some fresh air in and simply air out your space, which can definitely help with stuffiness. Another hack might be to switch the direction of your ceiling fans, so that they are no longer cooling you down, but they still get the air moving in your home.

Baking soda and essential oils before vacuuming

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A great hack to implement when you clean is to mix up some baking soda and a few drops of essential oil in a canister. Then, before you vacuum, dust this mixture all over your carpets, rugs, even cushions and mattress. Then, vacuum where you dusted. The baking soda helps eliminate whatever odor is already there, and the essential oils replace that smell with something good and fresh. If you don’t want to make a DIY mixture, you can find odor eliminating room powders that work all the same!

Simmer Pots

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There are lots of great simmer pot recipes out there, and each can suit your mood, preferences, or the season. You simply throw ingredients into a pot with water and simmer throughout the day or over a few hours. This can make your house smell so phenomenal. For springtime, one of my favorite stovetop potpourri recipes uses lemon slices and rinds and rosemary or mint. In the summertime, using lavender and eucalyptus can make your house smell amazing. For the fall, you can amp up the cozy smells with orange rind and cinnamon simmers. And for winter, I love the Christmassy smell of star anise, cloves, pine, cranberry and orange.

Car fresheners in trash bins

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I owe this hack to cleaning TikTok but it is a truly amazing one. All you need is a car air freshener. Just tape it or place it below your trash bin liners to help boost good smells near where bad ones cultivate. Not only are you neutralizing bad odors, you’re boosting fresh ones.

DIY Febreze

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Making your own “Febreze” can be easier than you think!  You might even have all the ingredients at home already. All you have to do is mix up baking soda, your favorite fabric softener or essential oils, and hot water in a spray bottle, shake it up and then use like you would use Febreze. It’s that simple, and could definitely save you some money!

Scent pods

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Gel air refreshers can work wonders without any effort. Simply pop them open and hide wherever they’re needed. I like to put these in the corners of my closet, behind my toilet, hidden in cabinets or the pantry, or behind couches. The smell boosts freshness and can get rid of any cultivating funkiness to keep your house smelling fresh.


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This is one of my favorite hacks for a great smelling home, because you benefit from more than just the awesome smell of fresh baked goods. You also get to eat them! If you’re a fan of baking and you want to make your house smell amazing, why not make a move to bake more frequently? Your house will always smell good, and your guests will love having homemade treats whenever they come over! It’s a win, win, win situation!

What do you think of these house smell good hacks? Let us know which ones you might try out in the comments below!

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