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White Tennis Shoes That Work With Every Outfit In Every Style

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White tennis shoes for women and men are a staple for our generation. Whether it’s an athletic shoe, high tops, low tops, or skater shoes, white tennies can make any outfit pop. They are easy to pair with just about everything since they are a neutral, but they also bring a little fun to an outfit – unlike plain black shoes. I don’t know how many times I have scrolled through Pinterest looking for outfits and have seen so many different white pairs of shoes. They might be low tops, high tops, slip ons, athletic shoes, loafers, or sandals, but white shoes are definitely in and taking over the fashion world. No white after labor day? These shoes definitely do not count. Here are the some of the best white tennis shoes for any vibe, outfit or style.

High Tops

High tops are perfect, especially for cold weather when you’re wearing jeans, sweats or pants. They are awesome for wearing long pants because they slip right in just like boots would. They also give off a pretty punk look, no matter what brand you’re rocking. These three are some of the top brands, because who doesn’t love Converse, Vans and Reebok?

Low Tops

Nothing says spring and summer like some low tops. They go perfectly with shorts, skirts and dresses. You can wear low tops with long pants, but they also balance out with shorts and a tank top. I prefer sandals in the summer, but when I have to wear tennis shoes, low tops are definitely my go to pick. They’re slick, skater-esque and are perfect for just about any occasion. Instead of Reebok, I chose a pair of adidas for this category because the classic three stripes bring style to any outfit. 

Slip Ons

In a hurry? Slip ons are personally my favorite type of tennis shoes. They’re so easy to style and easy to put on as you walk out the door. For someone impatient who doesn’t like to take a ton of extra time tying your shoe laces, slip ones work just like a pair of slides do. There are even some slip ons that don’t need socks, so you can really be out the door in seconds. Tommy Hilfiger brings a pop of color with their white tennis shoes, because they have to offer the classic red stripe. 


Headed to class and then the gym? Or maybe you’re going to hit a hike or walk home from class? These athletic picks are perfect for streetwear-style outfits. They’re not only really fashionable, but they also make life really easy. There’s nothing better than having a pair of athletic shoes on, so you can go on any adventure at moment notice.  Nike and Fila really take the cake when it comes to athletic tennis shoes. These three pairs would match any outfit, whether it was paired with workout attire or a really cool streetwear outfit. 

What are your favorite white tennis shoes for women and men? Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments below!

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