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Here Are 4 Vegan Mealprep Recipes That You Won’t Get Bored Of

vegan mealprep

While we’re all familiar with how meal prepping can save loads of time and money AND help you eat healthier, there’s one MAJOR downside. It can take a ton of time to prep foods you actually want to eat. Also, making giant batches of the same type of food that you’re supposed to eat for days in a row can get tiring, boring and lame. I usually have trouble meal prepping if I make giant batches of the same meal, because why would I want to ruin one of my favorite meals? So, I’ve compiled a few plant-based vegan mealprep recipes that are delicious and you won’t get bored of anytime soon! I promise you’ll want to make these recipes again and again because they are so good and so easy to make. From frozen taquitos to lettuce wraps, these recipes will be amazing and at least inspire you to come up with more versatile meals moving forward so you never get bored again. 

 Frozen taquitos

Having protein-packed snacks like taquitos ready-to-go in your freezer always seems like a solid choice, but plant-based alternatives can be expensive. Luckily, I’ve come up with a great vegan taquitos recipe that I love to make, that store in the freezer easily so you can reheat them again later. The recipe takes lentils, mushrooms, onions and a lot of seasoning – especially cumin! (I feel like it really gives that from-the-box frozen taquitos flavor that is so nostalgic to me). Taquitos are easy and fun to eat so your taste buds won’t be annoyed with them after a few days. Freeze them when you do get sick of them and have them later!

Rice Cake Creations

Whether it’ll serve as your breakfast or afternoon snack, I LOVE chocolate-flavored rice cakes. These go amazing with some peanut butter and fresh fruits and cinnamon for a plant-based treat. These help satisfy my sweet tooth while still filling me up at the same time! They’re an easy and non-time-consuming recipe that can make meal prepping 10,000% better. You can also get standard rice cakes if you want to incorporate them into a more savory meal, like a sandwich. Even as a snack, rice cakes can fill you up and are healthy while doing it. 


If you’re anything like me, you crave soft pretzels WAY more than is healthy for you. Well, why not make them yourself. The recipe is easy enough and can last an entire week if you’re going for a pretzel a day. These will definitely make your meal prepping more exciting! Add in a healthy alternative to those frozen pretzels and pack your favorite dip. Don’t forget to add some salt! Yum!

Lettuce Wraps

Tofu lettuce wraps are among the easiest and healthiest meal prep recipes out there. I like to pan and then air fry my tofu so they’re extra crispy, and toss them is a sauce (like the tahini sauce I used in this video). Adding in veggies like carrot shreds and steamed broccoli can add even more nutrients to this meal, which is already dense with good things for you! If you’re at a loss for a meal idea, this one is great and quick to make! Lettuce wraps can be used with so many different types of sandwiches, so you can make them all week and never get bored of them. You also can’t complain about being bored of them 

Which of these vegan mealprep recipes sound best to you? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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