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Shop For Clothing At These 3 Online Sustainable Stores

online sustainable stores

We all know about how horrible for the planet the fast fashion industry is, and that’s only been hyper-magnified with the rise of online shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love online shopping and I find it hard to find something as convenient – Everything I could want is right at my fingertips! But, if you want to look out for the planet, there are some simple switches you can make in order for your online shopping endeavors to make a positive impact rather than a negative one. Shopping from online clothing shops that promote sustainability is one way to make this change. The only problem is, this change can be so much harder to make when the sustainable option is far more expensive than your other choices. So, here are three affordable online sustainable stores and clothing shops I love and think you should check out!

Surfrider Foundation

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One way to find sustainable fashions that literally send your profits into environmental restoration and protection is by buying merch from your favorite environmental nonprofit organizations. One of my favorites is Surfrider because they help promote clean oceans and build community events and support to achieve that goal. They also have some pretty cool merch on their website that fits in line with changing fashions. They ship with minimal packaging– all of which is recyclable and your proceeds go directly back into supporting the foundation. It’s a win, win in my book!

Alternative Apparel

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If you’re looking for long-lasting basics, this is for you. Alternative Apparel is a company that makes its products so that they are both high quality and low impact. They vow to leave a positive environmental impact and source and deliver responsibly and sustainably. The great thing about this shop is you can actually access them through Amazon! So, you’ve got a familiar and convenient platform through Amazon, but you also have the manufacturer’s promise of sustainable practices! What could be better than that?


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If you haven’t heard of Depop, it’s time for your awakening! This is an online platform where users can buy and sell secondhand or handcrafted fashions. Other sites that offer similar resources are also great, but Depop rules over the others in my book. If you’re looking for styles that are more recent and fashions that generally cater to younger demographics, Depop is by far the best choice. You see an abundance of what is out there and can even buy products from people you follow on other platforms, like TikTok and Instagram.


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Goodfair is a website that offers bundles of thrifted clothing. it’s like receiving a mystery bag that is also amazing for the environment. You can purchase preloved items individually or buy bundles of thrifted T-Shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and much more. This brand is awesome and the randomized part of it makes it really fun. Their entire brand is based against fighting fast fashion and focuses on how there are already so many clothes out there that need new homes. Instead of buying an item that was made in a fast fashion factory, you’re purchasing items that have been cycled through different homes and still have a lot of love to share. Who know, you might even find your favorite unique piece through Goodfair.

Which of these online sustainable stores will you check out? Where do you like to find sustainable fashion? Is sustainable fashion important to you? Let us know if we should cover it more in the comment section below!

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