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Never Be Bored At A Party Again With These Fun Party Themes For College

party themes for college

When the itch to party is real, but there are no real reasons to celebrate, fear not! Your party can still come together with a fun theme idea. Themed parties are getting bigger and bigger and for good reason! It can be so fun to see your friends’ take on the themes and what activities the theme brings too. So, here are ten party themes for college to level up your next party.

Anything but a cup

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It can be so silly to see someone drinking from anything… well, anything but a cup. This party idea allows guests to get creative with what they bring to drink out of, so long as it’s in anything but a normal drinking device. From traffic cones to fish bowls to cleaned-out Windex bottles, there are so many possibilities and it can make for some pretty funny photos.

Casino night

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Whether you have an itch to get your friends in more formal attire, or you’re feeling lucky, a casino night comes built-in with games and can make for a pretty classy time.

Meme theme

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This party idea is hilarious. There are endless possibilities of memes and it makes for a great way to make friends with people with similar senses of humor to you.

Middle school party

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Cringey middle school trends deserve to be celebrated in party form, of course. This idea also leads to creating a playlist of middle school classics. There’s no way this party wouldn’t be a hit. This also can let you re-become your middle school self, or be the kid you wanted to be in middle school.

White lies

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This party theme is SO popular right now, and I think it’s super fun! All you need is a white T-shirt and a sharpie. The objective is to write a white lie about yourself, or a white lie you tell on your shirt. This can make for hilarious introductions and learning new things about your friends.

Powerpoint night

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I think this idea is SO fun. Perhaps for a more laid-back party environment, having guests prepare persuasive PowerPoint presentations to the rest of the party on a topic of their choosing. This party idea can turn into a night of absolute hilarity, and judges can vote on who did the best.

Grannies’ Bingo Night

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Dress up like senior citizens and kick your night off with some Bingo! This theme allows for some pretty fully costume ideas, and even acting like older folks can liven up the evening!

Love island

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If you love Love Island, this idea is for you! Whether you want to show up in your nighttime dressy attire or a swimsuit, guests can speak in English accents, gossip, and participate in Love Island-esque games throughout the night.

Apocalypse theme

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Are you secretly a badass who will kick butt when the zombie apocolypse arrives, or will you be more of a flight over fight person? Dress — and party– like the end of the world has come with this theme. This is another theme where guests can get creative and show each other what they would contribute in a post apocalyptic world.

Mugshot party

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Why would you get arrested? How would you look? Take that and run with it! Or, imagine some elaborate, jaw-dropping reason and run with that. Regardless, this theme involves everyone walking around with their mugshot boards, dressed as though they just got cuffed. Maybe you’re disheveled from a chase, maybe you’re covered in fake blood. You can even snap photos of guests upon arrival.

Which of these party themes for college do you like best? Which are you most likely to attend? Let us know in the comments!

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