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50 Friend Bucket List Ideas For Your Whole Group To Try

When you have a good group of friends, it’s natural that you’ll want to do fun things together. Sometimes nothing comes to mind. Other times, you may find yourself getting lost in routine. Or maybe you’re just trying to squeeze in every ounce of fun before what feels like the end of an era. Regardless, this list of 50 friend bucket list ideas will surely get the ball rolling and fun times approaching. 

Attend a Carnival or Fair

Go Bowling

Go to the Roller Rink

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Go Ice Skating

Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Go Camping

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Have a Calendar Photo Shoot

Go Bar Hopping

Do Karaoke

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Go on a Picnic

Go for a Hike

Play Laser Tag

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Tie-Dye T-Shirts 

Host a Friendsgiving

Carve Pumpkins

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Have a Pool Party

Go to the Beach

Make Matching Christmas Sweaters

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Host a Black Tie Cocktail Party

Have a Powerpoint Presentation Night

Have a Water Balloon Fight

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Go Sledding

Have a Snowball Fight

Bake Christmas Cookies

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Give Each Other Makeovers

Have a Casino Night

Have a Costume Contest

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Have a Beer Pong Tournament

Do Some Gardening

Host a Clothing Swap

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Take a Road Trip

Do a “Say ‘Yes’ Day”

Do a Wine and Painting Night

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Swim in a Nearby Creek or Lake

Go Snowboarding or Skiing

Go Foraging

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Go to an Adult Prom

Go to a Trivia Night

Host a Cook Off or Bake Off

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Go Wine/Mead/Beer Tasting

Make Your Own Pizzas

Go to a Concert 

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Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Have a Book Club

Have a Bonfire

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Go Stargazing

Spray Paint a Wall

Do an Escape Room

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Go to a  Plant Nursery

Go to an Amusement Park

Which of these ideas will your friend group love? What’s on your friend bucket list? Let us know in the comments

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