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Feeling Stuffy? Using Essential Oils For Allergies Can Really Help Your Sinuses

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essential oils for allergies

Fall is one of the seasons where I have the most allergies. Obviously, spring is known for its abundance of pollen, but the fall wind rolls in pollen and dust too. Especially where I live, the fall wind is brutal and leaves me sneezing and sniffing all over town. The incoming chilly weather can also make you feel stuffy or even make you catch a common cold. This time of the year is all about blowing your nose and bundling up, especially if you get caught out in the wind, rain or snow. If you’re not prepared for cold weather, that can make it even worse. While taking an allergy pill can help, I’ve discovered a more natural way to soothe your sinuses. Using essential oils for allergies might be the helpful tip you’ve been waiting for and is so simple you can soothe yourself without even really trying. You can diffuse these in an oil diffuse or even sometimes in a humidifier if it has that option. Another one of my favorite discoveries is using steamers in your shower so you can get clean and breathe in something helpful. Here are three of the best (and my favorite) oils that will help clear your sinuses this fall season.


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Lavender is an essential oil that is one of the most helpful. Not only can it calm you down, but it has also been found to be able to prevent allergic inflammation. You can diffuse lavender oil, use lavender shower bombs, or lavender bath oil. Lavender is super soothing and relaxing, too. If you’re feeling sick at all, popping some lavender oil into your diffuser can make you feel great and can also put you to sleep. This one is best to use around night time, because it might soothe you to sleep. 


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Just in time for the beginning of the holiday season, peppermint oil is great for treating allergies. It can help with headaches and migraines, and it can reduce inflammation. Peppermint oil can be diffused, or you can use peppermint shower steamers or bath salts. This one is super versatile, because having a cold or stuffy nose can often cause headaches and this scent can kill two birds with one stone. Done and done. I’d recommend using peppermint in the middle of the day, because it will amp you up a little, but it isn’t as energizing as our next option. 


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Citrus essential oils are amazing, especially when used as an energy booster. Though lemon has also been found to have antihistamine properties, which can help with nasal congestion. Personally, I love diffusing lemon oil for a fresh summery scent (its smell reminds me of PEZ), using lemon shower steamers to wake me up in the morning, and bath salts. Lemon can be super refreshing and can really make you feel energized and awake. When I’m feeling stuffy, I feel even more groggy than usual, so feeling energized is another plus when it comes to having a cold. Lemon is perfect to put on in the morning, or popping a shower steamer into your morning shower so you can have a great start to your day. I wouldn’t recommend using lemon or any other citrus scent at night because you might have trouble getting to sleep. 

Have you ever used essential oils for allergies? Which one of these three scents is your favorite? Are there any other scents you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below if this helps you! Happy fall!

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