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Heading To The Bar? Keep Your New Years Resolution With These Healthy Cocktails To Order

What’s up Zillennial! So, we’re finally of age (hopefully) to be going out to the bar and ordering ourselves a bevvy. Good for us! But, hold up… We’re still trying to maintain healthy eating habits and not trying to order expensive diet cocktail brands. No problemo! There are still lots of cocktails that are lower in calories or sugars so that you can still get a buzz without breaking routine. What are these elusive healthy cocktails? Keep on reading to find out!

Vodka soda

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Usually a vodka kind of person? A lot of vodka cocktails are very sugary. So, instead opt for something much healthier and go with a vodka soda. That not enough flavoring for you? No problem… I don’t blame you. There are TONS of things you can add to a vodka soda to make it taste better without necessarily making it “unhealthy.” Some fallback options include lime juice, lemon juice (fresh juice makes sure no sugar was added), a splash of cranberry juice, or even a bit of mio water flavoring. With all of these options, a little bit of low-calorie and low-sugar flavoring can go a long way in your drink.

Tequila water

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If you’re more of a tequila drinker, first, more power to ya, but second, you can kind of do the same thing. After bartending for a bit, I realized that people prefer to order tequila with water instead of carbonated water, so I’d recommend trying that before drinking your tequila with soda, but if that sounds better to you, I’m sure it’s just as good. Similarly, add lime, lemon, a splash of cranberry juice, or even a splash of mio to your tequila water for a makeshift margarita? We’ll call it that.

Gin & Tonic

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While tonic water has a little bit of water, gin and tonics tend to be a little bit healthier than other cocktails because its free of a lot of syrups, flavorings and other empty calories. With a gin and tonic, lemon, lime, mint, etc. can be added for a little bit more fun flavoring.


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If you’re a wine drinker, it’s your time to shine. Pretty much any glass of wine you get will likely be healthier than a cocktail you order at a bar. I would suggest opting for something dryer so that you can avoid unnecessary sugars in the wine, though it’s good to know that both red and white wines have their own sets of health benefits to them. Obviously, like any alcohol, too much is never a good thing, but wine is one of those alcoholic beverages that does have its benefits to it.


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Similar to wine, bubbly is also a healthier alternative to some of your favorite cocktails if you’re out at the bar. If you’re looking for something fun but still low in sugar and low in calories, consider, again, a dryer champagne. There’s also a bonus with drinking champagne at the bar: you’ll feel like you’re celebrating! And who doesn’t love that?

Light beer (corona light, budweiser, etc.)

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A beer drinker? Or does beer just sound better than anything else on this list? I hear you. But before you go thinking all beers are going to be “healthier” alternatives to cocktails, know they aren’t all low in sugars and calories. Opting for a light beer like corona light or budweiser will make sure you’re drinking up fewer filler calories and getting fewer calories for your buzz. Staying away from craft beers and drinking light beers is also convenient because they tend to be available more than other kinds of beer.

Vodka Martini with a twist

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I feel like martinis have that little somethin’ somethin’ that make you feel classy as heck. Going for a vodka martini and, yup, keeping things dry can keep sugars and calories away. Adding a twist of orange is my preferred way to drink a vodka martini but olives and onions are also commonly used as garnishes for a martini. Feel like a classy motherf****r with this drink.


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A paloma is considered a healthier alcoholic drink because it only contains tequila, grapefruit juice and lime juice. If you’re a margarita or just a grapefruit fan, this drink is for you. Palomas can be great when you want something fruity on a hot day but don’t necessarily want all those extra sugars and calories that usually come with fruity cocktails.

Moscow Mule

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Now, Moscow Mules can sometimes have a little bit more sugar, but it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t including a mule in an article about cocktails. If a bartender has a lower sugar ginger beer handy, a moscow mule can be an awesome “healthy” cocktail to order at the bar. This is especially true because ginger is so great for you and your gut so it can simultaneously help your stomach out when the alcohol is trying to do some damage.

Which of these healthy cocktails to order at the bar will be your go-to in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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