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Cuddle Up And Watch My 5 All Time Favorite Romance Movies

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Sometimes, all you want to do is cuddle up and watch a romance movie. That might be something heartfelt and cutesy, or it might be something that will make you bawl your eyes out – either way, romance movies are the best. But, I’m tired of being recommended the same few movies over and over on Netflix. And I’m sorry Nicholas Sparks fans but it’s not happening. I want GOOD romance movies, and I want you to be just as obsessed with my five favorites. So, here is my romance movies list, in no particular order.

Stuck In Love

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Even though I already mentioned this movie in my New Years movie list article, I’m mentioning it again. This is one of my favorite movies EVER. I’m a writer, so the plot being about a family of writers obviously drew me in. But then, there’s more. First of all, let’s talk about this cast. Nat Wolff, Lily Collins and Logan Lerman are the dream team I didn’t know I needed. This movie is filled with ups and downs, heartbreaks and beautiful moments, a storyline about forgiveness, family, being vulnerable and finding love unexpectedly. My favorite thing about this movie is the way it’s written, what a surprise right? It’s written so beautifully and has some of the most profound and beautiful lines I’ve ever heard spoken. Follow this family through one full year, from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving and I promise this will become one of your all-time favorite movies.

50 First Dates

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While Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have done three romance movies together, this is my favorite of the three. 50 First Dates follows Lucy (Barrymore) and Henry (Sandler), who meet on a whim at a restaurant. Henry, who is usually a player, is smitten by Lucy upon meeting, but after seeing her again the next day, realizes that Lucy suffers from memory loss. Every day, Lucy thinks she is living the same day. Her father and brother, who she lives with, has kept up the charade ever since her car accident. That was until Henry came in, and because he’s falling in love with Lucy, he’s determined to make it work. This movie raised my standards more than any other movie has. If Adam freaking Sandler fell in love so hard that he goes through that much trouble for Drew Barrymore’s character, then a man can freaking get flowers for me! The bare minimum won’t do it, boys! This movie is so sweet, beautiful and adorable! If you haven’t already seen it, I don’t know what you’re doing! This is a CLASSIC!

Little Women (2019)

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While I wouldn’t necessarily call this movie a “romance,” it has romantic elements and storylines that landed it on this list. Ever since I saw this movie in theaters in 2019, I haven’t been able to shake this movie. This movie follows four sisters: Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, and their lives growing up during the Civil War. This movie has all of the family, feminist, historical and heart-wrenching elements you need, but then the romance comes in. Don’t even get me started on the Jo, Laurie and Amy love triangle that happens. This movie has so many great monologues and movie moments that will be stuck in your head for days. Every time I watch it, I’m also obsessed with the amazing acting from the entire cast.

13 Going On 30

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This is another classic, and if you haven’t seen it already, I’m so sorry. You’re missing out on the best romance movie in existence. 13 Going on 30 has everything a romance movie could ever need. It’s so fun, has such a hilarious plot, has a lesson and moral and… has Mark Ruffalo. Need I say more? This is one of the movies that shaped who I am today, and I’m proud to say I’m a “big time magazine editor” just like Jenna Rink. Basically, Jenna is turning 13 but her birthday party sucks because she invites a bunch of mean girls who aren’t actually her friends. By the end of the night, they’ve ditched her and she’s upset, so she thinks back to a magazine she read that day. “30, flirty, and thriving” was the tag line, so Jenna wishes she could turn 30, because what else does a 13-year-old girl want? Her wish comes true and she wakes up in a New York apartment and is later baffled by the person she has become. She’s strayed away from her childhood best friend Matty, doesn’t talk to her parents anymore, is sabotaging the newspaper she is working for and much worse. Can Jenna change the past and prevent this horrible future? You’ll have to see.

Someone Great

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You may have noticed that most of the movies on this list are relatively old and what I consider “classics.” Someone Great came out in 2019 and is a Netflix original and it’s truly one of the best romances to exist. You need to watch this movie right now, and I say that with urgency. Someone Great follows Jenny, who was in an 8-year relationship, but now is on her own. She was offered a dream job in San Fransisco and will have to leave her home in New York, including leaving her two best friends. This film uses flashbacks and music like I’ve never seen before and drags you into Jenny’s feelings and loss. Eight years, gone. Right before her eyes. I’ve never watched a movie and felt heartbreak like I do every time I watch this movie. Grab some tissues and get ready to be sucked into the most fun, crazy, exciting and devastating night out in New York before Jenny leaves.

Do you have a favorite romance movies list? Share your favorite with us in the comment section below!

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