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Tidy Up Your Entire House With The Best TikTok Cleaning Hacks

tiktok cleaning hacks

If you like to pay particular attention to cleaning toward the start of a new year, you’re not alone! I love to make sure things are spic and span so that my environment is fresh and clear and I might be able to feel fresh and clear in my mind. Cleaning TikTok has really been helping me feel like achieving a gorgeously clean home isn’t so out of reach after all. Scrolling through the Scrub Daddy-loving, toilet-paper folding side of TikTok has introduced me to some of the most genius cleaning hacks that have made cleaning SO much easier, so here are a few:

Swiffer Your Glass

This may seem crazy, but trust me, breaking out your Swiffer and attaching a rag, then spraying on some glass cleaner and going to town on your mirrors and windows will make that process go by WAY quicker than it would if you were wiping the rag yourself. Using the Swiffer also allows for more precision, so you can really make sure that the entire surface is clean. Think of cleaning like this: you have to work smarter, not harder. I’ve also seen people “work smarter” on TikTok, taking this hack even further and using their Swiffers not only for glass like mirrors and windows but also for walls with wall cleaner on its attachments. The cleaning capabilities of a simple Swiffer (or knockoff Swiffer) are incredible, especially when you start expanding its horizons past just floor sweeping and mopping.

DIY Febreeze

I, like everyone, love a clean and fresh smelling home. But buying Febreeze all the time can get expensive and rack up a bunch of bottles. That’s a lot of waste. Instead, reuse a spray bottle to fill with detergent, alcohol, and hot water in order to make your own room spray that works just like Febreeze but also smells like your favorite laundry detergent. It is crazy how much cheaper this product is to make at home compared to buying it in store, people!

DIY In-Shower Cleaning Tool

I’ve shared this one before, but it’s too good not to re-share! Keeping a scrubber brush with a built-in soap compartment is a must-do in your shower. Why? Well, the next time you have a hair mask, face mask, or you want to stay in the shower just a little bit longer cause it’s cold out in your bathroom, you can use that time with the water running to be productive and give your shower and bath area a quick scrub. If you keep up with it, it’s an easy job, and boom! Just spray it all away with your detachable shower head and you’ve got the squeakiest cleanest shower on the block!

Drain Volcano

You remember those elementary school science experiments you’d do with baking soda and vinegar to make a volcano eruption? You could even add red food coloring for the full effect? Yeah, well that childhood science won’t have failed you into adulthood! Dump some baking soda down the drain and in increments, pour vinegar down in order to clear up any clogging in the drain or buildup. After finishing up the vinegar pouring, it’s time to clear your drain with some hot water and you have a super duper fresh sink and drain now!

The Magic of Toilet Bowl Cleaner


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♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

Have hard water stains or calcium buildup around your house? This is totally normal but also totally tough to fix. No worries though, Simply take some toilet bowl cleaner (The specific one in the video looks like it’s got some extra good magic) and go to town. This high-strength cleaner will give you an easier time when it comes to those super tough stains that seem too stubborn to get rid of most of the time. Tackle your shower, sinks, bathtubs, etc. just with this one product!

Toothpick Cleaning Hack

I’m upset that it took me this long to figure it out but to clean in areas that seem impossible-to-reach, all it takes is a little determination and yes, a toothpick. Well, and also a paper towel or rag, but then that’s it! Just wrap your towel around the toothpick and send the lil’ trusty guy into those impossible-to-navigate crevices. Suddenly, you’ll have a bunch of gunk on your paper towel and a much cleaner crevice. You’re welcome!

Mopping Hack

I feel dumb that I never put two and two together to realize that rubbing alcohol added to floor cleaner will help it dry cleaner but oh my god it blew my mind when I found out. I feel like it’s a life hack in itself that floor cleaner plus alcohol is gold because it dries everything much nicer and quicker AND doubles up to, of course, disinfect your floors even more. Super extra clean without waiting extra long for the floors to dry? Sign me up!

DIY Dawn Powerwash

If you’ve been anywhere at all in 2021 in-store and online, people have been losing their minds over Dawn powerwash. And I get it, a multi-purpose dish soap-based foaming cleaning spray… Where has it been all our lives? After going through about five bottles myself in 2021, I figured the product is great, and the hype is pretty well-deserved, but the single use bottle turned out to be wasteful when the product became a go-to. And, who wants to buy stuff like that over and over and over again? So, I learned– via TikTok, obviously– how to make my own! It’s really as simple as including three ingredients and you’re good to go!

Which of these TikTok cleaning hacks do you need in your life? Let us known the comments.

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