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10 Canva Designs That You Can Easily Make In Minutes

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If you ever need to create something online, whether it’s a logo or a poster for an event you’re having, Canva is the place to do it. First of all, Canva is a free program that anyone can use. It’s simple, easy to use and can help you create some of the most effortlessly gorgeous designs. Beyond that, it has so many elements that you can use to create the design of your dreams. While that’s just the free version, Canva Pro is even better and super affordable, especially because you can share your membership with up to 5 people. Whether you’re using Pro or the free version, here are some Canva ideas, tips, tricks and hacks.

Business cards

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Just like we mentioned in our networking article, Canva is the perfect place to create a business card, whether you want to keep it digital or want to print a bunch out. Canva has so many different business card templates, whether you’re looking for a horizontal or vertical one, something sleek and sophisticated, something colorful and fun, or something modern and unique. Once you find the template you like, you have so many options for customization, like changing color, layout, images and more.

Media kit

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Are you an up-and-coming creator or influencer? Or maybe you run a blog or website or small business? Either way, Canva is the perfect place to create a media kit or pitch deck that can be sent out to brands and businesses you want to work with. One of my favorite parts about using Canva is that you can make multipage slideshow-esque creations, so you’re not trying to fit everything in one page. Canva also lets you download your designs in so many different formats like pngs, jpegs and pdfs.


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Whether you’re planning a wedding or a 3-year-old’s birthday party, you can create the most awesome invitations in Canva. I’ve already created my engagement party and save the date cards using Canva, and might even use them for my wedding invitations. While it might seem corny or unprofessional to create your invitations yourself, Canva invitations can come out sleek and beautiful. If you’re planning something more lowkey, your invitations can use fun clipart, colors and more!

Instagram stories

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Getting into the social media game? You can boost your content by making awesome IG stories in Canva. First of all, who doesn’t like to play those fun “this or that” games while scrolling through stories? I know I do! You can also add text to your stories, create super cute picture frames and so much more. The beautiful thing about Canva is that you’ll never have to worry about figuring out what size you need to make something ever again. Type in “Instagram story” and it’ll have the perfect measurements waiting for you.


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While there’s nothing wrong with using the classic Powerpoint, Canva opens up your presentation world to a world of fun designs, pretty colors and fonts, better images and clipart and easy usability. I’m never making another presentation through PowerPoint or Google Slides because Canva makes it so easy, customizable and cute! To easily present, you can share the link through Canva or even share it as its own webpage.


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I’m going to let you in on a huge secret: I created our logo on Canva. Yup. That sage green Zillennial Zine logo you’ve gotten so used to seeing? I made it for free on Canva. Easily. Honestly, I created it within 30 minutes. If you need a new logo, you can hop on and start creating. Whether you want to use Canva’s clipart or beautiful font, a logo can be made with ease and will look super professional, like you hired someone to design it.

Digital bullet journal

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Like bullet journaling but never have time to get off your computer? Well, maybe you should make a digital bullet journal. We’re thinking about creating a Zillennial Zine digital bullet journal soon, but in the meantime, download our Makeup Expiration Tracker to get your digital bullet journal started.


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Canva isn’t only for static images. You can now even edit videos within Canva, which totally blows my mind! Need help editing your YouTube intro or an Instagram Reel? Edit away using Canva’s video templates, that will get you started and will make your videos seem super professional and rich.

QR codes

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Within Canva, you can easily create workable QR codes that you can embed into your design. This is great for so many of the options on our list, like on your digital business card so people can download it with ease, on your invitations so you can link to the RSVP page, in a presentation if you want your colleagues to be able to follow along, and so much more. Before this, you’d have to go to a third-party QR code maker and then insert that into your Canva design, but now you can do it all in one place.


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Making charts and graphs has seriously never been easier. Within Canva, you can add in your statistics so it can make a visually accurate and dependable chart for you. Once again, this is great for within your presentation, media kit and so many other Canva projects. I’m impressed with the ease of chart making every time I use this feature.

Try a free trial of Canva Pro here. What Canva ideas, tips, tricks and hacks do you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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