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These Helpful Tips And Tricks Will Teach You How To Network In Your 20s In The 2020s

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Just because the network has changed vastly since COVID-19, networking is still SO important for creating a professional identity, creating important connections, and also creating a name for yourself in your community. Things aren’t all the same from what we’ve always been taught about networking and conducting oneself professionally. After all, colored hair, tattoos, and piercings are far less taboo than they used to be when it comes to the professional atmosphere. So, here are some tips for networking in your 20s and in the 2020s.

Digital Business Cards

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When I say business card, you might think of a small card of paper with contact information on it. Swipe that image out of your head. A digital business card is that and so much more while being paperless. Find a digital business card company you like, and create your own, able to share via tap, QR code, text, or over social media platforms, you can connect with people however it would work best for them. This is a great opportunity to also network with those you don’t even meet in person, as you can send your digital business card to your far away connections.

Introduce Yourself Both In Person AND Online

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If you meet someone in person, it is important to receive their contact information or social media accounts. To keep these connections at your fingertips, you can make sure you re-introducde yourself to those you meet once and get contact information. Once you are home and reviewing that contact info, you can reach out and re-introduce yourself, ensuring the nature of your relationship. If you want to start a project or close professional relationship with this person, suggest meeting up and never expect the other person to make the first move.

Community Ties

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You’d be surprised how amazing being close to your community can be. Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? If you have, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. Rory and Lorelai continuously get help from their fellow town community members because of how close they are with the community. Perhaps considering replicating that mentality. Spend time in the community, offer up time and services to those around you, and see how in turn, the community can also help you out when you need it. Doing things for others is a great way to put a good name and face out there as well as get to know the people around you better.

Have a Social Media Presence

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Nowadays, having a social media presence is crucial in order to network to your fullest potential. Ensuring your presence online is professional, appropriate, and positive will take you far, my friend. You can use social media to share things, spread word about events, let your online community know about you, and meet new people. Social media is a blessing and a curse, but knowing how it can work for YOU is where you can really start making big strides in your networking.

Event Networking

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When attending an event like a party, showcase, community festival, etc, understand ways in which you can put yourself out there professionally. If you see a business that would work well with your campaign, go up to them and discuss your ideas, have your digital business card ready, and be ready to keep the conversation brief. Understand, while you are event networking that after all, it is something meant to be fun. Never overwhelm anyone with your excitement over networking. Keep things friendly and fun and you’ll go far.

Personal Website

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Alongside having a digital business card, having a personal website to showcase your professional accomplishments is important. If someone tries to look you up and they find a website with a portfolio of your work, your resume, and a bio about yourself at the very least, you will be showing them that you are a professional person who has accomplished things and ought to be taken seriously. I also think that your personal website is even a good place to link to your digital business card.

Go Out And Do Things

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This kind of goes hand in hand with community connections BUT, it is important to understand that you will not be successful in networking if you aren’t actively doing things to further your professional aspirations and putting yourself out there to meet new people. If you choose to stay home every minute you aren’t obligated to be somewhere like work or school, you won’t meet anyone or get to know anyone in a way that would compel them to help you out down the road should it come to that. However, if you are out and about in your community and doing things in your professional atmosphere, you will go far and have more fun. Doing so will remind you why you are doing what you want to be doing.

We hope these tips for netwokring help you! What ways have you been networking or engaging with your community? What are other modern networking tips for Zillennials? Let us know in the comments below!

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