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These 6 Facial Steamers Will Change Your Skin For The Better

home facial steamers

Have you ever tried a facial steamer? It may sound, seem, and admittedly look crazy, but it feels AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and replenished. So, what is facial steaming? Well, you basically set a pot to simmer with either essential oils, dried herbs, etc. in the water to open your pores, cleanse, refresh, etc. By letting the steam infused with healing, nurturing, and good-for-your-skin ingredients soak into your face, your skin will feel fresher than ever, trust me! To maximize the steam you’re getting to your face, you can place a towel over your head to give yourself a mini at-home face sauna. There are some great steamers out there, and there are easy ways to make facial steamers at home! So, if steaming skin care seems like something you’d like to give a go, try out one of these five home facial steamers below!

DIY Rejuvenating Facial Steamer Recipe

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Are you and your skin in need of a bit of a pick-me up? I feel that big time, and this DIY facial steamer recipe is perfect for not only opening up your pores and waking up your skin but helping to wake up all your senses to help you feel rejuvenated. You might even have everything you need for this steamer at home already! All you need is to add lemon slices, fresh rosemary sprigs, and a few drops of tea tree oil to a pot of simmering water. Then, towel up and steam, baby! Your face will feel freakin’ fresh! This is a great option for something affordable, sustainable, and using things you already have, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

DIY Sleepy Steamer Recipe

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Since DIY face steamers are just as amazing as the ones you can purchase, here’s another for you! Unlike the last rejuvenating steamer, this steamer would be best used at night (or before you sleep) because of its calming, soothing properties. This sleepy steamer uses lavender oil and witch hazel. To your simmering water, add a quarter cup of witch hazel with ten or so drops of lavender oil and allow the steam to infuse with the ingredients. Then, get ready to steam it up! This sleepy steamer is great for winding down at the end of the day and giving your skin a great detox before you go to bed.

Floral Single-Use Steamer Packets

home facial steamers

If DIY skincare isn’t your jam, no worries! There are actually a great number of facial steamers available to you to purchase. One awesome option is this floral single-use steamer packet. Honestly, this makes the facial steamer experience so much easier because all you have to do is use the ready-to-go floral steam ingredients included in the packet in your simmering water to steam your face. This makes the process super easy if you’re looking to try out steaming without digging through your pantry, or if you don’t have the essential oils and other ingredients you might want to use in a DIY facial steam recipe. With pre-measured packets, you know just how many steam facials you’ll be able to give yourself.

LUSH Tea Tree Steamer Tab


I love LUSH. If you know me, you know I love some sustainably and ethically sourced products that are also absolutely spectacular, great for you, and smell absolutely amazing. Anyway, this LUSH product is no exception to the others. I love how tea tree is the main active ingredient in this steamer because its great for minimizing pores and eliminating oil (and personally, I really like the smell). This product is also really unique because it makes facial steaming even easier. Because of the tab shape of this steamer, using it is as easy as dropping a tab into the water and steaming like normal. I think it also makes storage simple if you want to stock up and keep the tabs in a jar, then you’re ready-to-go with lots of steamer tabs.

Steaming Herbs for Sinus Soothing

home facial steamers

One of the beautiful things about steaming your face is that it naturally aids in promoting drainage and sinus soothing. That being said, this facial steamer goes above and beyond when it comes to soothing your sinuses. With ingredients used to help with decongestion, draining, and promiting circulation and allowing detoxification, this facial steamer will leave you feeling great whether you’re sick or not (but if you are sick, this facial steamer is a must-try)! The herbal blend also keeps your home smelling fresh and clean for a few hours which is a great bonus of steaming in general– especially with this strong formula.

New Moon Skin Ritual Steamer

home facial steamers

If you’re operating on the same vibes as the universe (or trying to), we’ve got just the facial steamer for you. This steamer is curated specifically for the new moon. What does this mean? Well, with every new moon, there is “new energy” that ought to be taken advantage of through setting intentions and taking particular care of oneself. Doing so might help you better navigate life transitions and move forward with tenacity. Self care activities like lighting candles and going on a date are great things to pair with this self-loving, connecting ritual facial steamer.

Which of these home facial steamers are for you?Let us know in the comments below!

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