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How To Style Flowy Pants In Every Season

Lately, I’ve only wanted to wear flowy pants. I don’t know if it’s the comfort they bring me or the boho hippie style they add to my wardrobe, but it’s all I’ve wanted. Sometimes, it just sucks sliding on super tight leggings or bulky jeans. Sometimes I want to feel comfy while looking super cute, so flowy pants are the go-to. But, styling flowy pants can be really difficult in every season, because they naturally are deemed as summer attire. So here are some flowy pants winter and summer outfits to help you rock flowy pants all year long.

Winter/Fall Months

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As mentioned before, it can be really hard to style flowy pants in the wintertime. This might be because wearing bulky tops and bottoms together can come across looking like PJs or just too oversized, or that flowy pants aren’t always best when tucked in or over boots. But, I promise, styling flowy pants in the winter and fall is definitely still possible and can be a really cute way to show off your style in the colder months of the year. When pairing your fun pants with a bulky sweater, I recommend either tying it at your waist or wearing a cropped sweater. That way, there is a divide between the two bulky clothing items and your waist is synched. Without synching at the waist, it can be hard to show off your figure. Another way to wear flowy pants when it is cold outside is to wear a tight long sleeve shirt or bodysuit with them, this way, the flowiness of the pants are offset by the type of top. If you need extra layers, throwing on a cardigan or heavy jacket with this fit would look awesome and will still show off your beautiful body shape. Some of my favorite outfits are flowy pants winter looks.


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Wearing flowy pants in the spring or summer is a total no-brainer. One of my favorite looks is to wear them with a simple crop top, especially if your pants have a fun pattern. Another is to wear them with a band T-shirt, tied at the waist. Wear them to the beach with a bikini top and you’ll be pulling off the flawless and effortless mermaid look of my dreams. Pairing flowy pants with a tight top is perfect because both pieces aren’t too big and bulky like what sometimes can happen in the winter. Wearing flowy pants in the summer or spring gives you so much space to create the unique and fun outfits of your dreams. Want to pair them with a poncho? Go for it. Or maybe a fun patterned crop top? Hell yeah. I also think patterned and colorful flowy pants do their best work in the warm summers. All I can imagine is wearing fun pants, a crop top, a cute bandana and some sandals.

Shoe Recs

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When it comes to wearing shoes with flowy pants, it can be a little tricky based on their cut. If they flare out the bottom, it can be hard to pair them with snow boots, but you can pair them with boots that have a little heel. For summer, sandals always go really well with bell bottoms and other swooshy pants. If they are synched at the ankle, you’ll also have a lot easier of a time pairing them with shoes, because they’ll be able to be tucked in easier or look nice on their own. Either way, I prefer to wear my flowy pants without any shoes at all. Go full hippie if you’re running around the beach, the creek or even if you’re just chilling at home.

How do you style flowy pants? Do you like our flowy pants winter and summer tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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