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These Weight Fluctuation Fashion Tips & Hacks Will Help You Stay Stylin’

weight fluctuation fashion tips

Why has society been lying to us all along? Sorry, I suppose that’s not too specific… Why has society been telling us that we must identify with a number on a label? Why did I grow up thinking that whatever size I was once I finished going through puberty would be the size I’d always be? Why can’t I wear certain things if my body looks a certain way? Why? Why? Why? The more I think about it, the more I realize that the fashion industry has had a death-grip of a hold on the petter portion of us. I think as we come to terms with this, so many of us are just plain exhausted. Exhausted with others telling us we’re not good enough, exhausted with needing to buy different pairs of jeans for different seasons of our lives, exhausted with making ourselves uncomfortable to look pretty in the eyes of society. I could go on, but I won’t.

The more I’m troubled by this exhaustion, I’m fed up, and frustrated, and don’t really want the system to be my puppeteer anymore. But… How am I allowed to feel this way and still love fashion? Well, part of the solution comes with finding your own sense of style independent of trends, what’s “in,” etc. Another part of this is understanding that your body is not, and never was the problem. Your clothes should be comfortable, they should be functional, they should bring you some joy if they can manage to, and they should also work FOR you. What does this mean? Well, instead of working out to fit into a certain style, or working hard to afford certain fashions, you should let your clothes do the heavy lifting.

What does “clothes working for you” even look like? Really, whatever helps you feel comfortable and confident without going out of your way to do so. For me, knowing my weight and shape fluctuate frequently, I’m discovering that certain styles work better with my changing body– comfy core is a MUST. I’ve also discovered some tips that help transform clothes I already have into garments that work FOR me and not against my body. If you’d like to try any of these weight fluctuation fashion tips, keep reading to learn how to take the reigns back on your style.

The Shoelace Trick

This belt trick ble up on TikTok a few years ago, and I think it’s really the perfect hack for those who want their clothes to fit them in different phases of their lives. Why buy different pairs of jeans that would fit you throughout weight gain and loss? You can have fewer expenses and more confidence in your jeans if you use this trick! Simply take a shoelace and tie it around the back beltloops of your pants. Then, use the shoelace to sinch the back of your pants and voila! Jeans that once were too big now fit you well! Doing stuff like this is a great way to help your clothes fit for you.

Good American  “Always Fits” Jeans

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I love the concept of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American company. All sizes are represented in one area of stores and in one place on the website! There are cute styles that will fit almost everyone! But, the product I love most from Good American are the “always fits” jeans. These jeans fit sizes in a range, so if you tend to rotate between a few different jeans sizes, this style is perfect for you! Not to mention, they’re super cute jeans! That’s always such a plus.

BabyDoll Dresses

I know, this one may seem a little basic, but there really are so many styles of BabyDoll dresses to choose from! I just love this cut of dress, and it works great for me, especially when I find my weight fluctuating frequently. Not only is it a great layering piece, it’s also insanely comfortable and offers all the room for your body to do it’s thing!

Hippie Pants

I’m hooked on pants like this, and while I could have said “stretchy” or “comfy” pants for this section, I wanted to go with Hippie because that boho hippie grunge aesthetic is so hot right now, and it’s such a great way to stay comfy and look super cute! Wearing pants like these is also great for, well, all kinds of activities. I’ve hiked, skated, lounged, and went out on the town in pants like these and I can certainly attest to their versatility, not only in how you can style it, but also in that it can support your body through all different changes because of the stretch and flowyness they offer. More options and how to style flowy pants in this article.

Giant Safety Pins

OK, hear me out on this one. You know how all those gorgeous models on magazine covers or wherever look like their dresses were made specifically for their unique body? Yeah, well, that’s utter bullshit. During photoshoots, stylists will clip up the back of a model’s dress to make the dress look like it could fit like that on anyone. The thing is though, when we go on in to try on the dress, it doesn’t fit like that at all. The manufacturers often have one body type in mind when designing clothing, so why should we expect that we’ll fit that mold when the models don’t even fit that mold either?? Here’s when giant safety pins come in handy. If you want your clothes to fit a certain way, sometimes you have to just make that happen for yourself!

No-Snag Tights

We have a great article here, offering even more no-snag tight options, but I really just have to say that no-snag or no-rip tights are your best friend if your weight fluctuates and you find you body changing a lot. It’s always disappointing when a snag occurs because your tights are too small, but stretchier and more durable fabrics make for great tights that can compliment your whole wardrobe.

Flowy Skirts

I love a good flowy skirt… They’re amazing! But, what makes flowy skirts so amazing for helping your clothes fit on a changing body, is there’s stretch and there’s room! With an elastic waistband, there really is no going wrong with styling a cute flowy skirt. Oh, and they also happen to be huge right now, so it’s a win, win, win!

All-Size Belts

Ok, last thing! I hate shopping for belts. I know they’re a great tool if you want your clothes to fit on your changing body, but normal belts just kind of suck. I often find myself needing to punch another hole in the leather (which is so damn hard) or I find that a belt juuuust barely is too small to fit around my hips. I got tired of dealing with all these belt dillemmas, so I didn’t wear belts for a while (which definitely wasn’t the solution, because then my clothes really didn’t fit me well). But then, I realized the magic of all-size belts. Well, they certainly don’t work for all sizes, but lots, for sure, and if you find one in your general range, it may be your golden ticket to never buying belts ever again! Whether they’re stretchy or they have endless holes, these kinds of belts are the best for a changing body!

What do you think about these clothing hacks for helping your clothes work for you throughout your body’s changes? Let us know in the comments!

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