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Dirty Hair Day? These Cute Hairstyle Will Make You Look Amazing Anyway

dirty hair hairstyles

It’s 2022. By now, we have a bit of a decent understanding of haircare, enough to know that a lot of us shouldn’t be washing our hair every single day. Why? Among lots of reasons, giving your hair a few days to breathe in between washes allows your healthy oils to replenish, your hair to remain stronger, assist in hair growth and can prevent breakage. While high school me would have thought of it as extreme, I really only wash my hair once or twice a week now, and I think my locks are a lot healthier because of it. However, there is one downside to not washing your hair as often as you might have used to: The oil. If your scalp is anything like mine, after three days of no shampoo, it looks pretty horrible if I don’t do something about it. Luckily enough, I figured out a few amazing dirty hair hairstyles that are not only super stylish at the moment, but also great for hiding the oiliness in your fourth, fifth, maybe even sixth or seventh day hair! Continue reading for cute dirty hair inspo!

Double Dutch Braids

The past five years, this has always been my fallback hairstyle. I love it because it is easy, chic, out-of-the way and cute on so many hair lengths! I also think double dutch braids is an amazing option because it’s a hairstyle that (if your hair is able to hold texture post hairstyle) can make your hair look super wavy and cute should you leave the braids in overnight and take them out to style your wavy hair the next day, Depending on if you wear them sleek and tight or loose and texturized, there are lots of ways to style double dutch braids so they’re always a good go-to for a dirty hair day.

Ponytail Braid

Ponytail braids are so runway chic and are awesome hairstyle options for a dirty hair day. Not only is this hairstyle relatively easy, it’s also stylish and can bring some fun to what would’ve been a normal ponytail. This example uses a fishtail braid, which offers a unique look and can kind of compliment the greasier “wet hair” look really well. It’s also really cute that in this picture, hair is used to wrap around the elastic, giving a more sophisticated and clean look to the overall hairstyle.

Beanie and Bubbles

Bubble braids are SO IN right now and for great reason. They’re cute and super duper easy to accomplish. Adding a beanie to this look looks so intentional and cute with the bubble braids, but underneath it, no one will know about the dirty hair you’re hiding. All jokes aside though, this hairstyle is adorable and lots of variations can come from it. Find a beanie that matches your outfit and BOOM! No one will have any idea that you’re on day five hair, trust me.

Pull-Through Braids

Another braidless braid, these pull-through braids are so cute and fun and bring all the volume with, well, none of the actual braiding. Using elastics, you can weave and pull apart your hair into this pull-through braid look that is perfect for any dirty hair day. I think this hairstyle is especially great because I often find it difficult to get a lot of volume in my hair on my dirtier days, but with elastic braids such as this one, pulling apart the final product results in something way more voluminous than normal, and I love it!

Keep it Covered

If you want to opt to keep it covered, consider a bandana. They’re soaring in popularity, and in the warmer months, I anticipate that popularity to only rise. In the end, a super effective way to hiding your greasy hair is to, well, hide your greasy hair using a bandana. Whether you tie it in the 90s or the 70s fashion, either will give you an ultra fashionable look to rock your dirty hair day locks underneath.

Which of these dirty hair hairstyles will you be trying?  Let us know in the comments!

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