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How To Get Fuller Lips Without Any Damage Or Fillers

fuller lips

I’ve always wanted to have fuller lips. I think people with full lips are beautiful and it’s always a trait I’m envious of when I see others with it. While it is important to be comfortable and confident with ourselves in our own skin, there are also some things we just wish we could change, even if it’s just temporary. So, if you’re looking to temporarily get fuller looking lips at home safely, keep on reading. And nope, don’t worry, there are no damaging techniques or fillers involved here!

Plumper Oil

One easy way to get plumper lips is to, well, use a plumper. One kind of plumper is a plumper oil, which I like because I feel like while it’s still stinging and plumping my lips, it’s not sticky but rather feels like it’s moisturizing my lips. I really enjoy this, and I feel like it results in very natural looking plump and shine to your lips. This plumper oil duo is one I have, and really like because one tube of the product is the plumper for use during the day, and the other tube is an oil used at night and intended to aid in restoration of your lips. This kind of hydration outside of plumping is important and can really help promote the health of your lips and how well the plumping works for you.

Plumper Gloss

Say you’re out and about and would like to wear a lip gloss but also want that plump factor… Fret not. Plumper gloss will become your new best friend. This product is great because it contains the same plumping agents as the oil might, but it offers the style and shine you might be wanting from glosses. These are also great for keeping with you and re-applying throughout the day to make sure you’re lookin’ good.

Brush Your Lips

Lip brushing is a life changer. Ever since I started doing this, I never went back. While you can just take a toothbrush to your lips, there are also brushes actually dedicated to completing this task themselves. Essentially, when completed, lip brushing exfoliates, promotes bloodflow, smooths and plumps your lips. This is a great step to add on top of other plumping practices because it gets rid of dead skin cells, keeps your lips baby soft, and yes, can naturally plump your lips on its own.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Yeah, you’ve heard of lip scrubs and you haven’t really thought about using them, or maybe you use them but ultra sparingly… Let’s change that. If you exfoliate your lips often, you’re better able to plump them and help make them look bigger and more full. On top of all that good stuff, if you’re using a lip scrub, your lips will be ever so soft and fresh, you won’t know what to do with yourself. There are lots and lots and lots of DIY lip scrub recipes that usually combine coarse sugar with an oil of some sort. However, ones for sale can work wonders as well. This one above is an all natural vegan holy grail lip scrub that, yes, is coconut flavored/ scented. How awesome is that?

Lip Contouring

Remember when we all found out about the voodoo magic that is contouring? It is truly amazing and an art form in it of itself, but it can also be a tool added to your makeup routine to help you achieve that desired fuller lip look. By taking darker and lighter shades and creating gradients in your favor, you can give the illusion with makeup that you have a fuller looking pout than you actually do. This option is the least invasive to your lips and can be great if you have more sensitive skin, especially around your lips.

Will you try any of these hacks for naturally fuller lips? Let us know in the comments!

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