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Going Wedding Dress Shopping? Here’s What You Need To Know

As many of you know, I’m getting married this year and as the months go by, I get more and more excited. Wedding planning is way more fun than people make it seem and a few months ago, I went to pick out my wedding dress! Obviously, I’ve never been wedding dress shopping before and I was pretty nervous. What do I wear? Will it be awkward? How many people can I bring? To be honest, I went into it pretty blind, so I thought I would write this article to help other brides before they go wedding dress shopping.

Tip 1: How many people to bring? And who?

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When it comes to bringing your entourage, there are definitely a few things to consider. First, you should call the bridal shop you’re going to so you can ask how many people you’re allowed to bring. Some have maximums, while others don’t. Especially right now, some shops have very limited capacities. So, call ahead, and once you know how many people you’re allowed to bring, then start counting your chickens. When it comes to who, you should definitely focus on who you would like to be there, not who you feel obligated to bring. Often, this is a few family members, bridesmaids and other friends. Personally, I invited all of my bridesmaids and those who could make it came and those who couldn’t be were filled in later. I also invited my mom, my sister, my aunt, my cousin and my fiancé’s mom. Honestly, I brought a ton of people and I was really thankful the bridal shop I went to didn’t have a limit on weekdays. Make sure you are only bringing people who you think will align well with your tastes and will make you feel amazing. You need to feel beautiful while you try these dresses on because this will shape the way you feel later while you’re walking down the aisle.

Tip 2: What do I wear?

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First of all, you’re going to be changing into elaborate dresses, so wear something that is easy to slip on and off. Personally, I wore a jumpsuit so I could slip the entire thing off with ease. When it comes to undergarments, I highly suggest wearing light-colored and no-show panties, that way it won’t be seen through the dress. Sometimes as little as seeing your underwear can make you turn a dress down. For the bra, most dresses don’t require that you wear any. If you feel uncomfortable with this, I’d recommend bringing a sticky bra to put on, so you can still get the effect of an open back or deep V with support. Whoever is working will probably ask if you’d like help or would like to put them on yourself, so you can decide what you feel comfortable wearing (or not wearing) in front of them.

Tip 3: Be Open-Minded

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Obviously, you should know what you’re looking for before going in, but be as open-minded as you can be. When my consultant asked what I liked, I had a list of things I would love to try on, but I also told her that I was really open to anything. In total, I only tried on 5 dresses before I found the one. There was one I liked, one I hated, one that was great, one that was almost perfect… and I almost picked option number 4. But then, my consultant asked if I could try one more on for her because she had one in mind that might have every single element I wanted. I didn’t really think I would budge from option #4, but I said I’d try on a fifth anyway. Why not, right? Well, I tried on number 5 and I was starstruck. She had found a dress that had every single detail I was looking for and even more! And I was so thankful that I agreed to try it on!

Tip 4: Discuss Budget

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As awkward as it might be, you should discuss your budget with everyone you are with. Whether that is your entourage, your consultant, your mom, and possibly even your spouse (if you are funding the dress together). The very worst thing that can happen is that you put on a dress and fall in love with it, only to look down at the tag and see it is way over your budget. That’s almost what happened to me with dress #4, and I was so thankful my consultant took the hint and found me the dress of my dreams (that was also way less expensive!!!) Talking about money can be a totally awkward situation, especially because your wedding day only happens once (hopefully, right?) You can feel guilted into spending way too much money because it’s your big day, but you need to stay true to your boundaries and I promise you will find something affordable and perfect.

Tip 5: Have Fun!

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While it might be awkward changing in front of someone you don’t know, or maybe you feel like no one who is with you is on the same page, or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices… it is so important to have fun. Have some mimosas beforehand, look at yourself in a wedding dress an extra few seconds longer and think about your impending big day. You get to marry your best friend, and buying a gorgeous dress is just one amazing part of it! Wedding dress shopping is not the time for a breakdown, but a time to spend with your besties trying on the most glittery and poofy dresses you’ll ever see! 

Have you gone wedding dress shopping yet? We hope this little guide helps you out!

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