We’ve Got Heart-Eyes For These Adorable Valentines Day Accessories

Valentine’s Day is coming and I swear, ever since it turned February 1st, I’ve been seeing through rose-colored glasses. February is such a fun month because it is the opportunity to be as girly and as cutesy as possible. Yes, this means that I’ve made a pink wallpaper, have a heart theme for my bullet journal and have worn so much pink and red already. When it comes to the big day, whether you’re single or married, dressing up for the occasion is so much fun. Think pink, fluffy, hearts everywhere, frills, lace, dresses! Even if you’re not the girliest person, adding a little bit of red into your outfit is a fun part of the day. Though, I live where it is still freezing cold outside, so even on the magical day of love, I’m going to need to bundle up. So, what better way to show your spirit than through accessories? At least, that’s my plan. Here are my favorite accessories for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Tights

Want a tiny and low-key flare? These heart tights are pretty minimal but super freakin’ cute. You can either go all out with these and a pink/red dress or wear a completely neutral outfit with these being the main star. Especially since February is still pretty cold (most places), tights are the perfect way to still feel cute but also feel warm and cozy. I like this option because it can be incorporated into a school or work-appropriate outfit, and are pretty versatile for any plans you might have.

There’s no better way to spice up an outfit than with some earrings. These cookie heart earrings scream Valentine’s Day and remind me of decorating cookies as a kid! I love these and think they would pair really well with a crazy outfit or with your casual work attire. Much like the tights, earrings are a simple way to incorporate a little fun into your standard work or school outfit.

Conversation Heart Attire

I don’t care what it is, anything with conversation hearts on it is SUPER cute! Here’s a sweatshirt, a T-Shirt, earrings, and a mask. Whether you’re a fan of the taste of conversation hearts or not, they are so cute and are a Valentine’s Day staple.

Tiny Heart Jewelry

I know that not everyone wants to make a giant statement, so wearing tiny heart jewelry is the way to go. These are also pieces that can be reused in your wardrobe forever and not just Valentine’s Day, meaning they can be staple pieces in your closet. This tiny heart bracelet is so dainty and cute, and this tiny heart necklace is going to be one of my new favorite accessories. Dainty jewelry is getting really popular right now, and it’s obvious why! It’s small, elegant, and doesn’t make a total scene.

Sequin Mesh

Okay, I know this one sounds like a lot but I promise this is the cutest and most effortless way to spice up an outfit. I’ve been seeing a ton of sequin mesh outfits on Instagram lately and it is so freakin’ cute! There are sequin mesh pants that you can wear over jeans or any type of pants to give them a little sparkle. Or, there is a sequin mesh dress that can do the same thing! It really depends on the vibe you’re going for, and the weather you’ll be enduring while wearing these! Either way, I’m obsessed with this option… and it’s an accessory… right? Obviously, this option is not for someone who needs to go to work (unless you can wear these to work because omg cool!), and is probably someone who has Galentine’s plans or is going out with their boo!

Were you looking for some awesome accessories for Valentine’s Day? I hope this little round-up helped! Any other favorite pieces? Comment them below so we can all check them out!

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