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Create The Most Empowering Badass Playlist With These 15 Female Musicians

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So, you’re working on you. Heck yeah! Whether that means you’ve been an absolute boss at work, you’re killing the game at the gym, you’re connecting to your spirituality, etc., you may or may not have a playlist dedicated to your very awesome transformation. The most badass babes often do. So, if you’re attempting to curate a playlist that will get you motivated, inspired, and feeling like an icon, keep on reading! I’ve compiled a list of female musicians that will do nothing sort of pumping you up to achieve whatever goals you’re setting out to reach. Regardless of these artists’ very different styles from one another, they all have one thing in common: they make music bad bitches can get pumped up to. So, open up your Spotify, Apple Music or whatever, because you’re going to want to add these 15 female artists to your badass bitch transformation playlist.

No Doubt/Gwen Stefani

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If you’ve been reading along, it’s no surprise that I’ve included Gwen on this list. Aside from being absolutely obsessed with her, one can’t argue that her music harps on female empowerment pretty frequently and I love it. Regardless of if she’s with her former band, No Doubt or if it’s her solo music, Gwen Stefani’s strong (and unique) vocals paired with some pretty rockin’ music and badass babe lyrics result in songs that need to go on your transformation playlist. Believe me, you’ll be empowered screaming along to No Doubt’s Just a Girl and It’s My Life with a rage that’ll bring down the patriarchy. Some other bangers to give a listen are Ex-Girlfriend and Hella Good by No Doubt. These songs give independent lady vibes and I dig it. As for her solo stuff, add the iconic Hollaback Girl to your playlist along with the crack-containing track, Luxurious. It’s all too good not to add.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Vmas 2019 GIF by 2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s no surprise that Miley’s reputation has been at the center of media’s attention the past decade but her new badass rocker persona is probably my favorite of all the Miley eras. Don’t get me wrong, On My Own from the Bangerz era is also a perfect fit for a badass babe transformation playlist. However, her latest stuff is where it’s at. Everything off the Plastic Hearts album would be an awesome addition to your playlist, but most specifically, Bad Karma, Heart of Glass and Golden G-String… These songs BELONG on that playlist. Give them a listen and you’ll understand why if you don’t already.


Snl Saweetie GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

With hit after hit trending on TikTok, it’s hard not to add a Saweetie jam to your badass babe playlist. After all, the strong beat and ultra-confidence emanating from Saweetie’s music defines the female-empowering music of this generation. Some specific songs that are a MUST to be added to your transformation playlist are Best Friend (duh, best bestie jam), Tap In, and Pretty & Rich. If you don’t have the confidence Saweetie does, listen to her music and fake it until you make it.

Dolly Parton

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An icon who never ceases to be relevant, Dolly Parton’s plethora of released music contains so many great songs for women to jam out to and feel powerful and strong. If you’re working hard, a clear option comes from the 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs album, and yep, you guessed it, of course, the absolute bop, 9 to 5. Some of my other empowering Dolly favorites include Shine Like The Sun, Backwoods Barbie, and the beautiful tune, Wildflowers.


Worth It Rap GIF by YK Osiris - Find & Share on GIPHY

How can a voice so sweet bring about such strong feelings of power? I don’t know how Kehlani does it, but her music needs to be added to your transformation music. Kehlani’s music can be described as effortlessly empowering and fiercely feminine. It’s modern and striking, but delicate and feminine and I think her songs are great for building up that confidence we all need sometimes. Some specific songs that I think belong on a playlist of this nature are Can I, Deserve Better, and Tell Your Mama.

Joan Jett

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Joan Jett has been sitting pretty atop badass bitch music recommendation lists for decades and for good reason. She is the picture of the powerful woman and her music contains anthem after anthem for badass babes to jam out to and feel powerful. Whether it’s her solo stuff or her music with the iconic lady band, The Runaways. Honestly, I would add any and all of her music to a playlist meant to pump me up and feel capable, but some absolute must-adds include Bad Reputation, because why would you care about your bad reputation? Cherry Bomb, ‘cause hello, it’s the most rocking song to probably ever exist. Oh, and you can’t forget about You Don’t Own Me.

Ariana Grande

Style Hair Flip GIF by Ariana Grande - Find & Share on GIPHY

When I think pop star, I think Ariana Grande. This woman not only knows how to sing, she also knows how to empower her female listeners with music curated specifically for bad bitches to enjoy (I mean, maybe). Her more fast-paced songs are great pump up tracks, great for reaching your goals whether they be at the gym, with friends, or at work. Some specific songs I think would make great additions to your transformation playlist are Thank U, Next because of its independent lady energy as well as the strength that emanates from the idea of taking lessons from past relationships. Just Like Magic’s manifestation power belongs on this playlist as well, along with the addicting track, Motive.


P!NK GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

P!nk brings me back to memories of being in the backseat of my mom’s car, witnessing the pump-up empowering nature of her music at work on my own mother. It’s all headbanging-good, but specifically, So What is one song that I (and most people I know) opt to sing at the top of my lungs because, well, how else are you supposed to do it? Additionally, Bad Influence is another song that will make you feel like a badass while listening, so it’s worth an add as well.

Nicki Minaj

Treat Myself Nicki Minaj GIF by Meghan Trainor - Find & Share on GIPHY

How could I not include the current queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. Her music is nothing but a direct depiction of how badass of a bitch Minaj is herself, so listening to it is empowering in itself. Though some songs of Minaj’s go the extra mile with that intoxicating powerful feminine energy, and those badass beats are Chun-Li and Feeling Myself. Are we surprised? No, these are some of the biggest bangers to grace our ears, we’re familiar with the badassery.

Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child

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Speaking of queens, we can’t forget the Queen Bee herself. Like many other talented female musicians, both Beyonce’s solo music and her music with Destiny’s Child are excellent picks for feeling empowered. If you’re feeling like a throwback, Destiny’s Child is always a great option. Some of the best pump-up songs by Destiny’s Child are Survivor and Independent Women. As for Beyonce’s solo music, nearly every song comes to mind. But the most iconic, in my opinion, are Run the World, Formation, ***Flawless, and Pretty Hurts.

Rico Nasty

Popstar GIF by Rico Nasty - Find & Share on GIPHY

When you’re tired of all the expectation for women to speak pretty words, look pretty, act pretty, etc. enter Rico Nasty. Rico Nasty subverts expectations of the feminine to be gentile, nice, and pretty. She isn’t Rico Pretty, She’s Rico Nasty and she provides that badass bitch rage itch we’ve been needing to scratch. Some of the most powerful songs for your transformation playlist are Smack a Bitch, Rage, Tia Tamera, Transformer, and Bitch, I’m Nasty. Enjoy the nasty.


Debbie Harry Blondie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For some throwback female empowerment, go no further than Blondie. This icon has produced some of the best badass babe anthems to ever exist. Whether it’s the absolutely radiant confidence coming from Call Me, or the strength we get from One Way or Another, Blondie kills it every time. Oh yeah, and there’s no way we can forget about Heart Of Glass, of course.

Snow Tha Product

Sno Tha Product GIF by HipHopDX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Similar to Rico Nasty, Snow Tha Product doesn’t try to make herself sound like a lady. Instead, she employs graphic, striking, bold lyrics to make her point and exude power. This bilingual rapper’s songs are such bops that you’ll be dancing along and feeling the empowerment in the music. Some songs that absolutely belong on a badass bitch transformation playlist are On My Shit, Say Bitch, Butter, and Ay! Ay! Ay!.

Marina and the Diamonds

Sweet Marina And The Diamonds GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Marina and the Diamonds has that sound that fits so well to make you feel confident and important. The upbeat-ness along with a sort of pin-up/ video star femininity makes nearly every song feel like a babe anthem. Though songs like Primadonna and Bubblegum Bitch seal the deal when it comes to instilling confidence in listeners. One song we cannot forget about is Oh No! A song about knowing what you want.


And You Pointing GIF by Lizzo - Find & Share on GIPHY

After the world was introduced to Lizzo, we all agreed her tracks would line our badass bitch playlists, and your transformation playlist is no exception. Lizzo’s most transformation-worthy songs will get you pumped up, dancing, and feeling confident, as you should. Listen to Good as Hell, Juice, and Like a Girl for some surefire empowerment and good vibes. They are must-adds to this playlist for sure.

What female artists are on your transformative badass playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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