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2022 Anticipated Pop Albums You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

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2022 anticipated pop albums

A new year brings a new set of music releases. Here are the five 2022 anticipated pop albums set to be dropped this year. And no, Rihanna is not on this list.

“Crash” by Charli XCX

2022 anticipated pop albums
“Crash” by Charli XCX

Charli XCX has revolutionized the music industry by bringing the experimental production of hyperpop to the mainstream. After the success of her latest projects like “Pop 2” and “how I’m feeling now,” she is taking a new self-aware approach with her new album “Crash,” set to be released March 18. 

In this new era, Charli is fully embracing the sellout pop star motif. This began when she started posting ominous photos on Instagram with dark advice for aspiring artists like “just do what they say” and “sell your soul for money and fame.” This project seems to play with the idea of an artist quickly rising to fame then “crashing” under the pressure and expectations that come with being a pop icon. 

“Crash” will be the fifth and last album Charli is releasing with her label, Atlantic Records, who has notoriously not given Charli full creative direction of her music. She seems to be knowingly giving into the idea that she has no agency over her music, which creates the most meta and interesting concept for an album.

With three singles already released featuring amazing artists like Caroline Polachek and Rina Sawayama, this project will surely give us pop anthems to embrace for years. However, I am just as excited for whatever Charli will release after she is freed from the shackles that is an overbearing label.

“Book I” by Grimes

2022 anticipated pop albums
“Book I” by Grimes

Back in 2020, Grimes released “Miss Anthropocene,” a dance pop album filled with amazing tracks like “Violence” and “New Gods.” However, the album had a mixed reception. Her new released titled “Book I” may be her chance to turn that around.

In this new era, Grimes seems to be exploring her public divorce with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. Her single “Player of Games” explores how neglected she felt in comparison to Musk’s plans to explore space. This track is definitely showed how vulnerable Grimes can be and it will be exciting to see more of this in her next release. 

Grimes will always deliver when it comes to visuals, especially in her music videos. The “Shinigami Eyes” music video is like watching “Sailor Moon,” but on acid. It mixes striking colors with cosmic imagery. The song is also a solid release that I can see being played in clubs. 

All of these elements is what makes Grimes a refreshing artist who always pushes herself to create fresh products. Whatever she releases this year will surely be worth the wait.

“Masochism” by Sky Ferreira

2022 anticipated pop albums
“Masochism” by Sky Ferreira

If you were chronically online during the 2014 peak of Tumblr, Sky Ferreira and her music definitely shaped your personality in some way. Her 2013 album “Night Time, My Time” was a grungy and chaotic project that fit the time perfectly. However, not much has come out from indie pop star since then.

In 2019, she featured on Charli XCX’s song titled “Cross You Out” and released a single called “Downhill Lullaby.” These two releases stayed true to her style and kept fans fed for a bit. This near-decade long silence is sure to pay off with her new album set to be released this Spring called, “Masochism.” 

Ferreira has teased this album for years, but oddly her mom is the one who confirmed the drop on her Instagram story. Although there is no official release date, it seems to be good follow up to her first album taking another darker and distressed direction.

Kim Petras

2022 anticipated pop albums
Untitled album by Kim Petras

From attending the Met Gala to performing at the MTV VMA’s, 2021 was a big year for Kim Petras. 2022 is started to feel like an even bigger year for the pop star because her sophomore album is finally dropping. 

Although there is no official album title or release date, Petras has already released two singles with more on the way. The first one titled “The Future Starts Now” seems to be the perfect segue into this new era by describing her unapologetic launch into the time ahead.  The second single titled “Coconuts” is the definition of a pop song because it mixes raunchy lyrics with a glossy production. However, she has already teased more music on her TikTok and during her live performances.

Petras is always a fun artist to listen to and whatever she released next will surely be amazing. I can see a cute summer album with club bangers in our near future.

10000 gecs by 100 gecs

2022 anticipated pop albums
“10,000 gecs” by 100 gecs

100 gecs is known for their experimental music that pushed the boundaries of pop and their 2019 album “1000 gecs” was the perfect illustration of that. It combined a distorted and glitched production with great lyrics. The remixed follow up to this album, “1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues,” showed how versatile the band is when working with different artists and genres. This pattern is sure to continue in their next release, “10000 gecs.” 

The duo, Dylan Brady and Laura Les, has released one single so far title “mememe,” which dissects the concept of being a guarded person in relationships. In the meantime, they have also released and produced music separately that is just as good as their collaborations. They’re perfect to listen to as we wait for more of their music to drop. 

What 2022 anticipated pop albums are you looking forward to?

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