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In Need Of A Chocolate Fix? 10 Healthy Chocolate Recipes To Get You Through Your Cravings

healthy chocolate chip cookies

I am a chocolate lover. There’s no hiding my affection for the stuff. I crave it daily, it’s the flavor I almost always opt for, and it’s just plain delicious. Though, a lot of chocolate dessert recipes aren’t necessarily the healthiest. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate cake, candy bars, ice cream, etc. These treats aren’t really the best idea to be eating day in and day out. Indulging in chocolate shouldn’t be something we have to deprive ourselves of, though. I know for a fact that I’m happier with chocolate in my life. So, if you absolutely love chocolate like me, but want to keep things relatively healthy, keep on reading! Over the years of being a chocolate fiend, I’ve discovered a fair amount of chocolate dessert recipes that are healthy enough to eat on the daily! Bring on the chocolate with these 10 healthier chocolate dessert recipes from healthy chocolate chip cookies to brownies!

Almond Butter Chocolate Cups

If you’re a lover of peanut butter cups, consider mixing it up with this healthy alternative to the processed candy. Using cup molds, melted chocolate, and almond butter, you can make your own almond butter cup candy that is a healthier alternative to what you might buy at the store. For best results, refrigerate or freeze while setting, and enjoy cold for a nice crisp chocolate almond butter cup! These are honestly such a great treat, especially if you’re craving a little chocolate, but not enough for a whole snack or meal.

Chocolate Pecan Bars

I love pecan and chocolate together, they’re some pretty amazing and cozy flavors. If you need a healthy snack or dessert recipe, look no further than these healthy chocolate pecan bars. These gluten free bars are so tasty and an awesome on-the-go snack option to get your little daily dose of chocolate in.

Chocolate Nice Cream

If you haven’t discovered how to make nice cream yet, what are you doing? It’s seriously so easy to make your own healthy ice cream at home! All you really need are ingredients that will together make a creamy and tasty result when blended and frozen. My personal favorite way to make nice cream is to blend up frozen bananas with coconut milk and whatever flavorings I want to include. Since this is a chocolate article, we will obviously be using chocolate for our nice cream, and with enough flavoring, it’s hard to tell you made your own nice cream at home!

Coco Cookies

Looking for something easy, quick, and also a crowd-pleaser? Try out these coco cookies! They’re stuffed with chocolate (literally) and will have you drooling. These cookies are one of the greatest, healthy ways to curb a chocolate or sugar craving, but don’t let their deliciousness fool you, they really are pretty healthy.

Zucchini Brownies

A simple and awesome way to make our chocolate treats a little bit healthier is to stuff in hidden veggies wherever you can. When it comes to chocolate, you have a lot of options because cocoa tends to mask other flavors pretty well. If zucchini isn’t your thing, no worries, there are tons of veggies that are great for sneaking into brownies. Some examples include avocados, sweet potatoes, beets, and spinach.

Chocolate Banana Bites

It’s hard to believe this frozen treat takes just three ingredients to make because it’s so incredibly delicious. My go-to snack in high school, chocolate banana bites involve slicing up bananas into little coins. Then, take two coins and sandwich them together with some peanut butter or other nut butter of your choosing. I think it’s best to freeze in between this stage, so once you have your little banana sandwiches, freeze them until solid, then dip, coat, dunk them into some melted chocolate. Freeze again until solid and then, BOOM! You have a super tasty dessert that is also super healthy!

Pomegranate Pistachio Bark

Since we’re on the fruit track, let’s keep it going with some pomegranate pistachio bark. Really, there are endless possibilities when it comes to chocolate bark. You can dress up the to-be-hardened chocolate with all kinds of healthy goodies, pomegranates and pistachios are just one great example! Trail mix bark, freeze-dried strawberry bark, peanut butter chocolate bark, etc. are all awesome options for healthy chocolate bark desserts.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Whether they are cake pops, truffles, or popcorn balls, food in ball form is honestly way more fun than other kinds of food for me, so it’s unsurprising these chocolate peanut butter balls made it on the list. These healthy chocolate treats have the secret added bonus of providing a little kick of protein while you’re enjoying them. If you need a little boost in energy then, these balls are an awesome option AND remarkably easy to make. Seriously, try them out!

Chocolate Rice Cakes

Anyone else magically end up with a bunch of rice cakes but can’t ever really eat them? Me too, and I don’t blame you! However we get them, a lot of us have these bland little discs of rice and don’t really know how to make them taste good enough to get through them. Well, here’s your solution: chocolate, duh! Chocolate seriously makes everything better, so why would this be an exception? Dipping your rice cakes in some melted chocolate and topping them off with whatever you want is a great way to enjoy chocolate and your rice cakes!

Chocolate Baked Oats

I saved one of the bests for last. I make these ALL the time. The baked oats revolution is upon us and for good reason. They’re easy, healthy, and taste like cake! Not to mention, making single-servings of baked oats is so much more simple than attempting to make a single-serve cake or something. So, if you’re opting for baked oats, good choice! Enjoy the protein and filling powers of those oats, while still drooling over an ooey gooey chocolatey treat. It’s a clear win!

Do you have any go-to healthy chocolate dessert recipes? Any other healthy chocolate chip cookies or brownies recipes? Let us know in the comments!

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