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Why Am I Tired All The Time? 8 Easy Fixes To Help This Problem

why am i tired all the time

Being tired all the time sucks. It can be, well, exhausting to feel exhausted all the time. I get it. After a while of that feeling, it can almost feel like the exhaustion is inescapable. Before you give up hope, know that you can be feeling energized again with the help of the following tips!

Whether your tiredness is caused from mental health struggles, stress, physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion, etc., know that science and experience have proven that the following tips can help improve your energy levels and help out with that seemingly unshakable and nonetheless unpleasant sensation of being perpetually tired.

Adjust your sleep schedule

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Before you skip over this one and assume your sleep schedule is perfect as is, allow me to contribute that it isn’t. So what if you’ve had the same sleep pattern since high school? Maybe it’s about time to start getting to bed earlier. Even if it’s the same amount of time, sleeping during different hours, for example completely while the sun is down, has been known to help with sleep. And on that note, if you aren’t even getting enough sleep…  Why don’t we start there? 

Although it sounds counterintuitive, but it could be worth considering if you’re getting too much sleep as well. All in all, tracking your sleeping habits can be handy when trying to feel less tired all the time. Understanding what you’re body’s getting and what it wants can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Have a calming night routine

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Maybe feeling tired all the time comes from having a hard time falling asleep in the first place. I think we’ve all been there and it’s definitely miserable. Something that can help out though, is having a calming night routine in place. Getting your body used to winding down and calming itself down before you go to sleep can help it adjust and settle down instead of operate on tired, panic-mode all the time. Activities like using candlelight, doing your skincare, stretching, etc. can be great ways to calm the nervous system and get into the routine.

Have an energizing morning routine

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On the flip side, feeling tired all the time might also be a result of lingering grogginess from first thing in the morning. In order to zap that grogginess away, having an energizing morning routine can be so beneficial and help you feel less tired in the long run. Activities like working out, drinking a glass of water, eating, and taking a shower are all fantastic ways to wake up your body and get it out of that groggy state.

Stay active

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Speaking of energizing, being active regularly can have an immense impact on your energy and sleep levels. Integrating physical activities you love more throughout your week is awesome and will not only improve your overall health, but it will help you feel more tired at the end of the day, aiding in better sleep, etc. Activities can also be plain invigorating and energizing. Ever finish a workout and instead of feeling tired, you feel like you can conquer the world? Well, that’s just one of the many energy benefits that working out can have when completed regularly!

Fresh air and natural light

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Spending too much time inside will do my energy levels in. I need that natural air and light to feel invigorated and alive, otherwise, I’ll be tired and groggy all day. If you haven’t been spending much time outdoors, or at least letting natural light and fresh air into your space regularly, you might be feeling pretty pooped all the time. This is such a quick, simple trick, but I swear, it really works wonders.

Stress-busting activities

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When exhaustion is caused by stress, sometimes the best thing we can do is go straight to that source. Stress busting activities are little distracting and relaxing activities that often make you feel far less stressed and more soothed. These can be as simple as playing with a stress ball, taking a walk, calling a friend, or playing with your dog. While little, these little activities can have a big impact on how you feel overall.

Eliminate any caffeine or sleep aid dependance

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OK, I know that when we feel tired all the time, we feel the need to find ways to cope with that in order to feel better. Some easy fixes for exhaustion include sleep aid and caffeine. While using these things every once in a while won’t have much of a lasting effect, drinking multiple cups of coffee daily or taking melatonin every night will end up having affects that you might not have originally signed up for. Dialing it back with these things may, in the long run, help you feel more alert.

Drink more water

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I know I’m not your mom, but someone had to say it. You’re definitely not getting enough water. Are any of us? Alright, now that you’re reading this, here’s your sign to take a big ‘ol mammoth glug of water. Done? Good. Water can do sooo much for your health and you don’t need to hear me go on about that. Hydration is crucial for your overall health, and one way to give your hydration levels a boost is through IV treatments, such as the NAD IV drip in Seattle or any other type of IV. Trust me, you will feel a difference in your energy levels for sure!

Why am I tired all the time? We can hope we helped answer this question. What are some tips that help you feel more awake and energized?

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