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Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks Are Hot, Colorful & Innovative: Here’s What You’ll Need

Euphoria Inspired Makeup

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Watching Euphoria, it sometimes seems like all I can pay attention to are the badass and bold makeup looks the characters are rocking. Ok, that’s only kinda true because the drama is truly gripping, BUT you have to admit, the Euphoria makeup artist(s) deserves a standing ovation. Some looks that stood out to me on the show shocked me with how easy they seem to recreate, well, sort-of. Each of the following Euphoria inspired makeup looks are gorgeous and not-so-hard to complete. So, enjoy adding these looks to your to-try list, especially with the assistance of a few affordable linked products.

Maddy’s Gemstone Eyeliner

This look exudes power and confidence, so if you’re wanting to be as fierce and bold as Maddy, consider trying her iconic gemstone eyeliner look to start. Begin with a black winged eyeliner basse. If achieving a winged liner look so sharp it could cut someone is hard for you, know you are not alone. I have a hard time understanding how many non-artists are able to compete their eyeliner with such precision. This perfect wing eyeliner kit is only $12.95 and can help you achieve that Maddy-tier winged liner. Though once you’ve got the black liner done, we’re not stopping there. To go the extra mile and really make your eyes pop, line them along that liner with white or clear cosmetic gemstones. These ones on amazon are great and only $9.99. Line them up carefully because you do not want to look sloppy, but once you’re done, Boom! You’re looking super badass.

Kat’s Bold and Sexy Halloween Look

Not only is this look sure to turn all the heads, it’s also one that’s surprisingly easy to recreate for being so bold. The hardest part, is of course the eyeliner design below the eye. Though drawing crosses isn’t the hardest look, and thus is super doable for even makeup newbies. Past that, the dark lip liner (find one similar here for just $4 paired with the bold red lip like this. Liquid Matte Red Lipstick is an old school makeup trend that Kat absolutely bodied. Don’t forget to finish it off with a bit more bold. Yup, we’re going in with some red “Bloody Mary” eyeshadow. Find some here for $14.99 and slay the look too.

Jules’ Cloud Eye Look

So simple and so cute, how could you not attempt to recreate Jules’ cloud eye look. Simply take a  trusty white eyeliner (preferably liquid for those clean lines) and let your inner artist out to play. Anyone can draw clouds, so frame your eyes and have some fun. If you’re looking for a great eyeliner for this look, try out this Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for $23 on Amazon.

Rue’s Glitter Tears

This is the makeup look pretty much anyone has coming to mind when they think about Euphoria and for good reason, it’s pretty iconic. Also, there’s not much to it if you’re trying to create this look at home. You pretty much only need some glitter and a way to apply it. Bonus points if you have a product that’ll do both for you at once. Personally though, I feel like applying some thin cosmetic glitter with cosmetic glue might be the easiest way to make the HBO show-inspired makeup look way more legit. Some loose glitter like this holographic cosmetic glitter on Amazon for $8.99 would work great. If you want something a little less harsh than glue, I’d recommend this awesome glitter primer by NYX. It’s only $5.59 and made specifically for glittering purposes.

Cassie’s Blue Gemstones

If you’re going for bold, this look has it. Using a simple blue eyeshadow palette like this one can help you achieve the perfect base for this eye look. Atop your blue base, it’s then time to position blue cosmetic rhinestones like these for $9.99. Because of her more rounded features, opting for softer and rounder shapes when blending your eyeshadow will make your look more Cassie-like.

Kat’s Blue and Yellow Look

This just might be one of my favorite Euphoria-inspired makeup look because I actually am obsessed with this color combination. The yellow and blueish green go so well together and the brightness plus the matte-ness makes it the pure greatness. If you’re looking to recreate this look at home, I have two tips for you. One, use matte cream eyeshadow. It’ll be way more long-lasting and the pigment and matte look will be much more distinct this way. And two, blend, blend, blend until you can’t blend anymore. You do not want any choppiness between these two colors. You want a nice, gradient ombre. Some cream eyeshadows I’d recommend for recreating this killer Kat look are these matte cream eyeshadows from Amazon going for $8.66. Here are some colors I think match really well to the yellow and blue Kat sported.

Maddy’s Purple Look

Purple is my favorite color so I might be a little biased when picking out this makeup look for amazing Euphoria-inspired looks to try. Sue me, but I think Maddy’s purple makeup look is the cream of the crop, especially among Euphoria looks, which are already pretty up there in terms of style. To recreate this purple ethereal look, try out this shiny purple liquid eyeshadow for $8.75 on Amazon. Similar to Cassie’s blue look, Maddy’s Purple look is topped off and studded with jewels. Though unlike more of rhinestone-looking jewels, Maddy’s were more pearl-like, so these iridescent cosmetic pearls for $6.65 are great options for a look-alike style.

Jules’ Neon Lashes

This look also holds a special place in my heart because I am absolutely obsessed with the colorful mascara resurgence we’re currently experiencing as a society. It’s beautiful and should never stop. Recognizing that lashes are just another way to experiment with color and bring brightness to your makeup will instantly up your game. To recreate this neon pink look Jules rocked, try out this Moon Glow neon pink mascara on Amazon for $9.70. The coolest thing about it is that it actually glows pretty vividly under blacklights or UV.

Which of these Euphoria Inspired makeup looks will become your new go-to?

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