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Make Your Own DIY Beeswax Wrap In 6 Easy Steps

DIY beeswax wraps

Plastic wrap, ziploc bags, and other single-use food storage options are SO out. Not only are they not reusable, they are not customizable at all! Where’s the fun in  that? Let’s ditch those products and make our own beeswax wraps at home! Believe it or not, making my own DIY beeswax wraps was one of the easiest DIYs I’ve completed. The styles, patterns, colors, shapes are endless, so what are you waiting for? Read on to learn how to make your own beeswax wraps.

Gather supplies

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Remember I said this DIY is easy? Well, you probably have pretty much all of the supplies at home already. The one oddball in this DIY is finding some beeswax, but lots of craft stores and health stores carry it in blocks. You’ll also need some wax/parchment paper, some scrap pieces of fabric, a cheese grater, and either an iron or a flat iron. (trust me, using a flat iron doesn’t make this DIY harder, I didn’t have an iron the first time I made beeswax wrap, but my flat iron did the trick and still made it an easy project!) Once you’ve gathered all these materials, you’re ready to get cuttin!

Cut fabric

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There really aren’t any specific rules for how your fabric should look, if you think certain shapes will be easier to fold up, go for those. Circles, squares, rectangles, even hearts are fair game! I like to cut out a variety of sizes, for wrapping all kinds of foods up. Test out your cut pieces to make sure they’re big enough to practically wrap food items. If they are, you are good to go!

Grate wax

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To shred your beeswax block into little meltable pieces, take your cheese grater and grate away as if that beeswax block was a block of parmigiano reggiano. Depending on how big your wraps are/ how many you’re making, you’ll need more wax, but I’d usually grate about a cup for 3-6 wraps.

Prepare your melting station

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Now, you’ll just have to lay out your fabric flat on a surface that won’t mind a little heat. Then, sprinkle your grated wax onto the fabric. Make sure it’s relatively evenly covered, so once it’s melted the whole of the fabric is coated in wax. Then, lay a sheet of parchment paper or wax paper atop the sprinkled wax. Make sure you have enough room to be working with– an open area is a helpful area!

Melt the wax onto the fabric

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Then, apply your heat source. (Note: if you’re using a flat iron, you might want to put paper on both sides of the waxed fabric to avoid it melting all over your flat iron). Once you’ve melted all the wax, that sheet is done! There shouldn’t be any dry/uncoated spots. Be sure to melt and handle the fabric carefully! It will be hot!

Let set + put to use!

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I just laid my coated fabric pieces on a baking rack outside for an hour or two to let them dry and set. There’s not much to it! To clean, simply rinse with cool water and dish soap. Enjoy this quick, cute, and sustainable food storage option!

Let us know how you like this DIY! How will you use your DIY beeswax wraps?

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