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Top 4 Trendiest Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas in 2022

If you’re hosting a bachelorette party sometime this year, you might be looking for a good theme. These days, every type of party has a theme and there are some super duper cute bachelorette party theme ideas out there right now. Why through a typical party when you could give it a little spice? I’ve seen these themes all over TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest and I’ve rounded up all of my favorites, in preparation for my big day and my party with my besties.

Space Cowgirl

This is one of the most trendy themes on this list because I have seen it literally everywhere. If you haven’t seen hoards of girls in pink cowboy hats downtown yet, I’m not sure where you live! This theme can be really tacky, or super cute. Personally, I love the use of cacti decor, hot pink and cow print. If you’re not a huge fan of cowboy boots or don’t know when you’ll ever use them again, try some neon or white gogo boots! And don’t forget, tons and tons of sparkles and glitter! Yee haw!

70s Party Theme

Whether you go with “Dazed & Engaged,” “Last Disco,” or “Mamma Mia,” a 70s party theme is my absolute favorite. My girlfriends and I are notorious for singing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA at Wednesday karaoke night, so I think this theme would be perfect for me. You could go fringe and hippie, or bell bottoms and disco! Throw in a little bit of both, and you’ve got yourself a trendy and fun party theme! Side note: Disco balls are a trend of their own right now, so I’m hyped about decorating my party with them! Party the night away in style.

Last Splash

Summer bachelorette party? Throw yourself a last splash! This will involve a trip to the beach, a trip to the pool or a waterpark resort! There is absolutely nothing cuter than wearing a bride-themed beach cover-up or a white bikini! Also, you can decorate with flamingos, palm trees, palm leaves, and citrus! This is one of my favorite themes, but my wedding is in November, so I’ll be going with something else! But, there’s nothing like sipping daiquiris with your girls while you lay out and tan (but don’t forget sunscreen, especially if this is close to your big day!)

Relaxing Retreat

Personally, what I want to do for my bachelorette party is to have a relaxing retreat. The days leading up to your wedding are some of the most anxiety-inducing filled with nerves, anxieties and bubbly bellies. Instead of fueling the fire and drinking the day away, how about relaxing it up? Treat yourself (and your girls) to a spa day, whether that’s at a fancy resort or your own home. Imagine this: mimosa bar, charcuterie spread, yoga in the backyard, massages, slippers, robes, foot soaks, manicure and pedicures, and ending the night with chick flicks! This is my bachelorette party goal. If you’re planning your party the day before your wedding, or even a few days before, this theme can save you from hangovers and mishaps. Don’t add any more stress to your life, and instead, do the opposite.

Do you have any other bachelorette party theme ideas to share? Whether you’re going super crazy and popping the champagne or you’re taking a day to relax and prepare, we hope you have the best bachelorette party of your life! Let us know how yours goes in the comments!

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