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2020 Trending Style Aesthetics For You To Try On This Year

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Finding your style can seem nearly impossible for many of us… and for good reason. There are SO many aesthetics and styles out there and finding the one for us can be tough. Perhaps you’re wanting your 2022 to be filled with trying new things. Well, here’s something new for you. Why not try out some of the up incoming and all-too-popular aesthetic trends that are emerging or popularizing in 2022. Whether the looks end up being for you or not, it can be fun to check out all the different possibilities for how your style can look and be. Who knows, you may find a style that allows you to truly be yourself. So, read along for 5 2022 style aesthetics and how to re-create these ever-popular looks.

Indie Sleaze

The Indie Sleaze aesthetic is pretty much a direct resurgence of the popular styles and trends of the Tumblr era. I like the term sleaze instead of grunge when describing the comeback of a lot of these styles because we’re approaching them with a lot more cultural awareness this time around. Some things that aren’t making a comeback in trendiness (that used to be associated with Tumbler Indie Sleaze-esque aesthetics), thankfully include idealizing ultra-thin body types and romanticizing disordered eating, romanticizing drug addictions, and things like that. Instead, we keep all the good parts of this aesthetic and make it a bit more 2022 friendly. We’re looking at ripped, layered clothing, dark colors, mixed patterns, bold accessories, serious style, etc. Something that is getting incorporated that wasn’t as big of a part of similar aesthetics in the past is the addition of a more provocative, and bimbo-esque edge to the indie sleaziness that is already existing. We are also seeing a lot more untraditional stylings and combinations that make this look all the more interesting and exciting to try out. Check out these outfit ideas for inspo and you’ll be rocking a more woke version of this aesthetic trend in no time.

Ballet Core

Whether you’re dressing up or down, ballet core is a fun new branch off the ‘soft girl’ aesthetic, which favored more modest styles and soft, pastel tones. With ballet core, we’re seeing people show more shape as well as find ways to fluff it up with tulle. These contrasting shapes can be so fun to play with, even when styling an outfit for every-day. It is fun to see how traditional ballet styles are making their way into mainstream fashion yet again. See the examples below for ideas on how you can dress within the ballet core aesthetic.

Apocalypse Core

While it may feel like we’re quickly approaching our ends, it’s funny that fashion styles have circled back around to favoring apocalypse core styles. Remember after the release of the Hunger Games and the effect that had on popular fashion? Shall I remind you? Combat boots, braids, cargo pants, oh my! While some elements of post-apocalyptic-inspired fashion can be SO fun, other aspects ought to be left in the past. This style can be modernized by playing with different silhouettes as well as bringing in other fashion elements that fit the 2022 style better. For example, stylized rips in clothing and utility accessories can be a much more fashionable way to approach the apocalypse core aesthetic. Check out these outfit examples for some inspiration.

Clown Core

Yeah, you read that right. You may have seen different clown-esque makeup looks floating around TikTok and other corners of the internet, but in terms of fashion, clown-ish styles are making their way into the mainstream… and it’s kind of fun? We’re talking bright colors, ruffles, fun prints, and lots of excitement coming from our outfits. Not to mention, makeup to match? You’d be surprised how fashionable a clown-core outfit can be! I mean, just look at these outfit examples.

Dark Academia

It almost seems like there’s no getting rid of this popular aesthetic trend. It makes sense though! Imagine you’re living and studying at Hogwarts… or even your dream university. Imagine you’re an old-timey alchemist or librarian, etc. Elements from this aesthetic are so exciting to explore, as are different styles included in it. Academia styles are more than pleated skirts and oversized sweatshirts, though. When we’re talking about the dark academia aesthetic, we’re talking about style and fashion marrying items that are so, so classic. See below for some awesome examples of how to style looks within the dark academia aesthetic.

Which one of these new style aesthetics will you want to try in 2022? Let us know in the comments!