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Try Out These At-Home Mug Cake Recipes That Actually Taste Good

Have you ever had a craving for dessert but felt way too lazy to make anything? That’s where mug cakes come in. I bought a pre-packaged mug cake kit once and it was absolutely disgusting, so I was dedicated to finding mug cake recipes that actually tasted good and were easy to make. Here are the best cake in a mug recipes!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

I’m obsessed with peanut butter, so my first search when it comes to dessert always has to do with it. This 3-ingredient (four if you have some chocolate chips) is so easy to make it so so good. It’s so ooey-gooey and tastes incredible for something you whipped up and made in the microwave. 

Snickerdoodle Mug Cake

Feeling something a little lighter? Sometimes (shocker, I know) I’m not in the mood for chocolate and would like something a little lighter to have as a dessert. A snickerdoodle moment is always one of my favorites, much like chai lattes, eggnog, cinnamon sugar and other cinnamon-infused treats.

Vanilla Mug Cake

I’m not a big vanilla fan but I know there’s a giant vanilla community out there, so I threw this one on this list. While I’ll never go for this one, I can appreciate how simple and easy it is to make. This one also doesn’t even use an egg, which is great for our vegan readers! Just substitute with the milk of your choice and some margarine.

 Chocolate Chip Cookie

Yum! This one is the perfect in-between for our chocolate and vanilla lovers. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? Though it’s pretty difficult to just make a single cookie, a chocolate chip cookie mug cake is easy as can be!

Apple Fritter Mug Cake

Is anyone else obsessed with apple fritters? Every time I go to a donut shop, it’s on my list. That makes me wonder if this would be a good breakfast… Well, either way, this apple fritter mug cake looks so gooey and moist. I can’t wait to give this one a try. 

Coffee Cake In A Mug

Instead of coffee in a mug… have coffee cake in a mug! This one is another awesome breakfast option and seems to be so easy to make. I’m a little hesitant about this one because the mug cakes I’ve had (that I didn’t like) were incredibly dry, and coffee cake usually is. If you like the rough powdery consistency of coffee cake, it should be fine!

Lava Cake

I’m obsessed with Domino’s lava cake, so if I can recreate it, I’ll be the happiest person alive. There is nothing in the world that is better than digging into a rich, fudgy chocolate cake. At least, in my opinion there’s not. I also love the idea of pairing this mug cake with some fresh strawberries! Yum!

Lemon Glaze

I’m also obsessed with lemon desserts! Incorporating citrus into your desserts is perfect for the incoming spring season and the glaze on this looks so good! Sometimes you have a lemon on your counter that you don’t know what to with, sow hat better way to incorporate it into your diet?

One Minute Pumpkin

While it isn’t fall or pumpkin spice season anymore, some rich warm pumpkin can still feel like a cozy treat. Personally, it’s snowing outside my apartment right now and a pumpkin flavored dessert would be the perfect way to warm me up. Using pumpkin in recipes is also a really healthy alternative while keeping the warmth, consistency, texture and richness.

What are the best cake in a mug recipes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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