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A Q&A With “Zodiac Sign” Singer Taylor Bickett

This is an interview done with Taylor Bickett, read her story below! If you, or anyone you know, would like to be highlighted in The Zillennial Zine, shoot us an email at or DM us on Instagram!

Q: Tell us your story! Where did you begin and how did you reach the caliber you’re currently at?

A: I have been singing and writing little songs for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t take songwriting super seriously until college. I studied music at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and that’s where I started developing my voice as an artist. The real catalyst in my career, though, was a bit bittersweet – it all happened during quarantine. It was a confusing, lonely, and difficult time, but with the world at a standstill, I had the chance to spend my days writing (and writing and writing). I started posting some snippets on TikTok, not expecting anyone to see or care about them, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. My videos started to blow up, and out of nowhere I had hundreds of thousands of people interested in my music. I am beyond grateful to the platform for that opportunity –  it was like a dream come true. I released my debut single in January 2021, and since then have been so lucky to have my music streamed millions of times in the past year!

Q: What makes you love what you do? How long have you been making music? Would you call it your passion?

A: Music is 100% my passion. There is nothing that holds meaning to me the way making music does, and I’ve always felt that way. When I go through something, or see something that makes me think, my brain immediately goes to – what can I create out of this? I’m sure a lot of other artists relate… it’s almost annoying because sometimes I want to just feel things. But at the end of the day, that’s what makes me love what I do: music is pure catharsis for me. The best part, though, is sharing it with other people and being able to have an impact on them. I love that no one listens to music in quite the same way, and that each person’s interpretation is uniquely theirs.

Q: What are some accomplishments or milestones you’ve reached lately?

A: I am currently finishing up work on my first-ever project, which I am beyond excited for! The songs were written fully by me and each has such a special meaning. I also recently reached over 1 million Spotify streams on both my debut single, “Break My Own” and my most recent solo single, “Just My Type.” Those were absolutely surreal moments for me!

Q: Tell us about “zodiac sign”!!

A: My next single is called “zodiac sign,” and it comes out on April 8th! There’s a very real story behind it: 

One night, I found myself pining after someone, and in an act of desperation, I searched up our zodiac signs’ compatibility. We were decidedly… not astrologically compatible. The internet basically told me that I should give up, that the relationship was doomed from the start, but I don’t go down that easily. 

The next day, I sat down and wrote “zodiac sign.” It’s a song about being a hopeless romantic (and a bit of a stubborn one). It’s me saying, “all of the odds could be stacked against us and I’d still go for it. Screw what the stars say, we’re going to be the exception.”

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is starting out in the music industry?

A: I feel like I’m just starting out myself, but my biggest advice would be to spend time on your music above all. It can be really easy, especially with the industry’s huge focus on TikTok in the past couple years, to prioritize content creating and the stress that is social media over your actual music (easier said than done, trust me), but great songs will always shine through.

My other piece of advice is actually a quote that I think of whenever I’m feeling uninspired or discouraged: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” (Pablo Picasso).

Q: What do you want our readers to know about you and your music?

A: I consider myself a storyteller above all, and each of my songs has a narrative, but it’s important to me that the story’s interpretation is unique to each listener. Sometimes I write about things that aren’t perfect, that are vulnerable and live in grey areas, and I think it’s important to share the more complicated sides of life along with the highlight reel. I hope that my music inspires people to embrace those sides of themselves!

As for me, I love string cheese and science fiction, have an irrational hatred for the font Calibri, and think that daily walks are the key to happiness.

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