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The Spring Season Is Taking A While, Summon It In By Binging These TV Shows

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Feel like you don’t really have that strong of a taste in television, or really entertainment in general and tend to go off vibes instead? Me too. What I’m looking for in a bingeable TV show is something that suits my mood on any given day. Is that so hard? Apparently. So, a good backup I tend to do, instead of browsing and not actually fully watching anything for hours, is create a list per season of shows that suit a particular vibe of each season. Year-to-year the vibes of spring or summer, or any of the seasons, can change, but some shows will forever hold a place within a season for me. Sometimes, a show just REALLY fits in spring, you know? Here are 10 of the shows that are available on streaming platforms right now that I think you should binge for vibes that suit spring 2022! Enjoy!

Bridgerton (Netflix)

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If the florals, the pastels, and the beautiful English countryside aren’t enough to get you in that spring mood, Bridgerton just has a fresh vibe to it as well! If you haven’t yet seen this hit Netflix series, you need to! It’s a great mix of modern and classical that also gets you SO invested in the drama of the “social season” among the high class in London long, long ago. If you feel like you’d need an escape that also feels fresh and fun, Bridgerton might surprise you! It’s a great series.

Expedition Happiness (Netflix)

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This documentary has been on Netflix for a while, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, spring is a great time to do so! I like the themes of adventure, creating your own happiness, finding community even on-the-go, and more great lessons and inspirations that come with this Netflix series. The ups and downs will keep you invested, but the soundtrack plus the nature visuals plus the sense of adventure will get you moving, which feels so fitting for the springtime.

The Great British Bake Off (Netflix)

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I don’t make the rules, but you NEED to watch The Great British Bake Off in Spring. Again, that English countryside, the pastels, the florals, the baking, the sweet, gentile competition, the camaraderie, it’s all too perfect for Spring. Again, I don’t make the rules, I just know The Great British Bake Off belongs on this list more than any other show, and that’s that.

Get Organized With The Home Edit (Netflix)

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OK, if we’re going to get obvious about it, I can’t leave out a good organization reality show. I especially love Get Organized With The Home Edit because these ladies are so relatable to me, so it’s not only satisfying, and gives me great inspiration on how to organize my own home, it’s also pretty darn entertaining at the same time. The Home Edit gurus react just as I would if I were given celebrity clients and the responsibility to organize their things. They’re truly so sweet and genius organizers, so it’s a worthwhile spring cleaning watch.

Our Great National Parks (Netflix)

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Some other kind of series always screams Spring to me and that’s a good old fashioned nature docu-series. Enter: Our Great National Parks. A beautiful, fresh set of gorgeous nature and animal visuals on top of narration by none other than Barack Obama. Need I say more?

Vacation in Place (Hulu)

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On that same note, I can’t throw out Vacation in Place on Hulu. This isn’t necessarily a docu-series, but holy cow is it cool. Get the opportunity to explore new corners of the world through the lens of someone else, but leave the perceptions up to yourself, as that’s it: you’re just shown these new parts of the world, and that’s the show. No narration, no interruption, just exploration… from home. I’m not saying this should be used in place of travel, cause exploring the world for yourself cannot be topped, but this is a great way to get excited about our world and appreciate some of its beauty when it may be otherwise inaccessible to us.

Love Island (Hulu)

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On a COMPLETELY different note, if you want to see some super-hot singles trapped in a villa together where they’re expected to find love with someone else there, which believe me, is TRULY entertaining, you’ve got to see Love Island. Once you get invested in the cast, there’s really no going back– you get hooked and that’s that. With lots of seasons (and countries) to choose from, I’d definitely recommend the Australian version. I’m not sure why, but I really like all the people in the Australian version better, and I feel like the drama is also WAY more escalated, but perhaps that might just be me getting far more invested in the people. Sometimes we just need some mindless television and Love Island truly delivers and gives a no-bullshit narration along with it.

Sex and the City (HBO Max)

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If you are blessed with access to HBO Max and you haven’t seen Sex and the City, you absolutely need to. Not only does this show keep an open, consistent, honest, and female-led conversation about sex going, it’s also entertaining as hell. I could never shut up about how important Sex and the City is in terms of encouraging women to own their bodies, speak openly about sex and similar “sensitive matters”, etc. It’s honestly such a great step in the right direction for the time. I’m not saying the characters make all the best decisions and they’re great people, though. In fact, the women the show follows make some pretty major mistakes, and they’re forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. Without giving away too much, Sex and the City is a rollercoaster of emotions, but you’ll come out of watching it feeling sexier, and way more empowered about sex. Who doesn’t love that? Oh, and why does it absolutely belong on this list of Spring-y binge worthy shows? Um, have you SEEN the outfits? Nothing screams spring more than Carrie’s wardrobe and I’m all here for it.

Not So Pretty (HBO Max)

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Spring, what better time to stay woke about things you may not have been aware about before? I was honestly shocked when I watched Not So Pretty on HBO Max for the first time. Narrated by Keke Palmer, this docu-series looks into different facets of the beauty industry, like skincare, hair, makeup, and nails. and exposes things the companies have brushed under the rug, putting customer health and safety at risk for profit’s sake. It’s honestly chilling to hear how consistent use of certain products have caused such strong reactions for so many people. BRB, switching out over half of my beauty products now. Though with that spring-esque sense of inspiration and motivation to bring about action, each episode informs the viewer on ways they can not only protect themselves from dangerous substances like asbestos lurking in their makeup, the episodes also let you know what you can do to spark change on an industry-level while not hurting the livelihoods of already vulnerable populations like Vietnamese nail technicians, and while not abolishing beauty practices that are part of our personal expressions, cultures, identity, etc. A must-watch in my opinion!

A World Of Calm (HBO Max)

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We’re finishing this list off with a dose of calm in this HBO Max series. A World Of Calm is a docuseries on lots of different topics, from glass blowing to nature to baking, everyone may find something interesting in this docu-series. The kicker, though, is that everything is presented to you in an ultra-calm fashion. Anxiety? No worries. Just need to chill out? No worries. Need a calm background show? No worries. A World Of Calm is such a great fit for any of these viewing needs.

Which of these spring shows will you binge next? Let us know in the comments!

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