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Bored Of Minimalism? Maximalist Fashion Is Fun, Colorful & Inspiring

maximalist fashion

Do you opt for one of ten outfits that rotate with your mood and schedule? Do you wish you could be a little more expressive with your style? Do you not feel like your clothes are really a reflection of you? Well, perhaps maximalist fashion is what you should check out next. We’ve all heard of minimalism. The beige, black and white. The capsule wardrobe. The sparking joy… But have you ever heard of the opposite end of the spectrum: maximalism? Maximalism is all about having fun with your look. Instead of using clothing solely for practical purposes, Maximalism aims to also allow clothing to be an expression of personality, a work of art, an experiment, and well, joyous. Maximalism basically takes everything fun about fashion and gives you free will to play around to your hearts’ content. To really achieve that maximalist fashion look, though, you might have to commit to one thing though… Be bold!

Jewelry Layering

Maximalists look for every opportunity to amp up their personality within a style. So, it’s pretty fair to say that one should never skimp on jewelry when given the right opportunity. Pairing necklaces of different lengths, stacking up bracelets, filling your fingers with rings, and flaunting your piercings are great ways to bring some maximalist style into your look. Pro tip: don’t be shy! The exaggerated look of this maximalist style is super trendy and playful!

Loud Legs

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always wondered why the top half of your body usually gets to have all the fun when it comes to fashion. On your top half, endless opportunities can cloak your body. But what do your legs get? Traditionally, pants, skirts, or shorts… That’s pretty much it. I mean, your legs are totally left out of the equation. Or so I thought. That was until I learned how to style my legs! Tights are one of my all time favorite ways to make your legs way more groovy, and they come in infinite styles. Right now, patterned tights and elaborately cut tights are trending and oh-so-cute! Talk about a maximalist fashion win! Though believe it or not, the styling doesn’t stop with tights. Opting for interesting bottoms, long socks, body jewelry, etc. area all ways to let your inner maximalist come out to play.

Artistic Shoes

Something else I never really understood when I was younger was the importance of shoes. And not in the practical sense, I knew shoes helped protect your feet from dangers of the outside world. I mean, I never understood the grown woman’s obsession over cute shoes when I was younger. The gateway that got me obsessed with fun shoes though, were believe it or not, roller skates! I think that speaks true to maximalism if anything. If not over-the-top, they definitely help express a major part of my personality. Then I started understanding how ridiculously crazy fun you can have with styling your shoes. Personally, loud, colorful, vibrant shoes are where it’s at. But really anything that feels most like you should do the trick!

Pattern Mixing

I bet you’ve been waiting for this one. When I think maximalist fashion, I think of spunky, fun, out-there, and adventurous styles. When I think of spunky, fun, out-there, and adventurous styles, my head automatically wanders to pattern mixing. While that’s awesome, and pattern mixing can be fun, it’s also dangerous territory. My advice? Commit. This is not your 2012 Pinterest board pattern mixing. This is hard-core, color-complimenting/matching, size complimentary, pattern mixing. This is where the big girls play, so watch out! Confidence is what makes the crazier styles within the realm of maximalism so stylish. Sometimes maximalism really is a testament to your confidence, your understanding that you can and will rock all four– yes four– or those patterns in that outfit tomorrow!

Layer, Layer, Layer

At this point, if someone told me that layering was the answer to all our world’s problems, I just might believe them… maybe. Regardless, it seems like layering can be the answer to almost all of the world’s fashion problems and with the problem of putting together a maximalist look, one never goes wrong when layering! This is the perfect opportunity to bring different elements of your maximalist style together into one look. Because there is more clothing and therefore fabric involved in outfits when layering, it can be easy for looks to go wrong. The most important thing to think about when layering is shape. What kind of overall shape are you going for and what can help you achieve that? Because let me tell you, I was once a girl with curves who thought she could pull off a maxi skirt, tank top, and flannel. I now know better than to even try because let me tell ya, []. Anyway, envision the shape you want, then consolidate items that might help you achieve that then piece your desired look together with your remaining items. Tip # who knows: starting with bigger categories then narrowing down clothing items is a great way to create new outfits out of clothes you already have. This way, you might be forced to look at combonations you might not otherwise consider together.

Bold, Big Jackets

Ah, it’s that time of year: the cold time of year. Another fashion misconception I grew up believing was that you have to sacrifice warmth for style. Now, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, there are so many ways to amp up your style with pieces that are designed to keep you nice and toasty. Among these, my favorite warm style piece is a big, bold jacket. Big, bold jackets are eye-catching, fun, and easy to personalize. Jackets have the ability to absolutely make an outfit, and these maximalist jackets will definitely not disappoint.

Graphic Bags

Remember, accessories can be more important than we give them credit for. Certain eye-catching styles can be paired with an outfit for a truly maximalist aesthetic. Both practical and super fun, graphic bags are a cool way to level up your style and express yourself. My favorite kind of graphic bags are ones that are shaped like other objects. I just feel like these are such maximalist staples because they’re fun and such eye-catching pieces. They may be harder to find than other maximalist fashion items, but this style is one you should definitely look out for.

Texture Party

Part of the mixing and matching that is encouraged with maximalism involves combining lots of different textures within one outfit. Clothes and fabrics come in SO many different cool textures. Whether it’s fluffy, fuzzy, mesh, lace, pom poms, tassels, tweed, satin, etc. Putting all these elements together can help create some fun dimension to your outfit and make for an overall more exciting and maximalist look.

Hair Wear

It’s so often that I forget my head exists. Not actually, but more in terms of existing as an option to elevate my outfit and continue to express your unique style.There are literally endless ways to style your head and hair, and you’re welcome to experiment with all of them while trying to find your place within maximalism. Trying out options like hats, hair bands, scrunchies, hair wraps, beads, feathers, etc. are ways to personalize your look even more. Hair wear should never be underestimated.

Let Out Your Inner Child

My BIGGEST tip overall for attempting to style a maximalist look is to let your inner child out to play. Remember playing dress up as a kid? Remember how fun that was and the crazy, creative styles you came up with? Well, that version of you is still in there! Have some fun and don’t limit yourself to what society and its standards think you should be doing. Do what you want to do, just like little you would have! It’s way more exciting that way. Have fun! It’s fashion, after all. Not your taxes.

Who are your maximalist style icons? Do you have any items that’ll work great for your next maximalist fashion fit? Let us know in the comments!

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