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Have ‘Harry’s House’ On Repeat? Us Too. Here’s Every Song On The Album Ranked

Harry’s House ranking

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Harry’s House is out and it’s the only thing I’ve been listening to since its release. I’ve been a Harry Styles fan for a few years, but I have to admit that I’m still pretty new to the fandom. I was never a One Directioner, so I’ve had to do some homework to catch up. But, I have loved both of Harry’s last two albums and I was so excited to dive into HS3 and to open up the door to Harry’s House. This album has some hits, a few (minor) misses, and actually has introduced me to one of my new favorite songs of all times. I have to admit this is the hardest ranking I’ve ever written, and I’ve ranked my top FIFTY Taylor Swift songs. So, let’s dive into my Harry’s House ranking.

13. Music For a Sushi Restaurant

As much fun as this song is, there’s something that I sonically can’t latch onto. There’s too much going on, which saddens me to say. As you listen to the song, it almost feels abrasive and hard to take in. The “Baa Baa” part in the beginning also sounds way too close to the Disney A.N.T. Farm theme song, which I can’t unhear. I almost feel there’s something I’m not getting – like I haven’t tapped into the part of my brain that will make this song sound amazing. Everyone else seems to get it, but I don’t. Care to explain?

12. Boyfriends

I know, I’m already devastated by this placement. As I said, this was the hardest ranking I have ever written. As much as I love this song, I think it can’t compare to other tracks on the album. It’s a beautiful track to listen to and is beautifully written, but I feel like it doesn’t go anywhere. I feel like it doesn’t add much to the album. What this song really needed to make it something special was a unique bridge or a mix-up of melody somewhere in the song. It’s just the same for three minutes straight. It’s not a skip, by any means, just a little drab compared to the rest.

11. Satellite

Once again, I love this song, don’t get me wrong. The chorus has such a catchy and ethereal hook that makes me want to dance and cry at the same time. It’s hard to defend why this song is so low besides that it just isn’t as good as the other songs on this album. But, truly, that’s saying something. This song is so memorable, lovely and fun. Once again, I think my issue with this song lies in the bridge and how Styles doesn’t often allow his melodies time to breathe. In my opinion, a bridge is a great time to stray for the hook and introduce a new sound, only for the hook to come back in, better than ever. This doesn’t happen in Satellite. The bridge actually tires the song out.

10. Daydreaming

Once again, this is such a fun and exciting song. The hook melody is one bound to get stuck in your head for days! But beyond that, it’s another Harry Styles song that repeats the hook over and over (even in the bridge!!!) meaning that it’s 3 minutes of the same tune, same words and same melody, over and over. I still love it, still, but it doesn’t provide us with anything unique or exciting.

9. Late Night Talking

This is my favorite song to dance to on the album! It is so fun and melodic and when I close my eyes, I can picture the words. However, in terms of writing + melody, it falls flat in comparison to other tracks on the album. With 13 incredible songs, some have to be rated lower than the rest. I know this is a fan favorite, but I believe #9 is the perfect spot for Late Night Talking.

8. Cinema

First of all, I really love the outerlude of this song and how it slowly fades away. While this isn’t technically a bridge, it brings a fun and unique tune to the rest of the song. I also love a jarring song placement and having this one right after Little Freak and Matilda was such a great choice. This song brings the listener out of their funk and gets us ready to dance it out until the album ends.

7. Keep Driving

This might be an unpopular opinion but I’m obsessed with this song. This song exudes summer vibes. This is one of the songs I want to blare with my windows down while I drive through town. While simple, it does exactly what it came here to do. It tells an enticing story in picturesque phrases and helps you understand what’s happening through hints and tidbits. This song reminds you of the mundane aspects of daily life and how you have to just keep driving.

6. As It Was

It’s always hard to tell if I’m biased about a single because of the extended time I’ve spent with it or not. But even if I am, I still think As It Was is a bright spot in Harry’s House. It was the perfect introduction to the album and the vocals alone show what direction the album will be leaning toward. And don’t even get me talking about the BRIDGE! This song is complex, catchy and cathartic.

5. Love Of My Life

This song is entrancing. As soon as it starts, you’re held by the echoing melody and the words. Baby, you were the love of my life. The song has such a confidential, bare and naked vibe that makes the listener feel like they are listening in on an intimate conversation. The soft piano keys at the end of this song feel like you’re drifting away into a dream. It’s incredible.

4. Daylight

This is the most iconic dance song on the album. Something about it reminds of the groovy ‘70s. When I close my eyes, I can see dancing flowers and shades of orange, green and blue. This song feels like a breath of fresh air and I’m obsessed with the guitar riffs throughout the song. I also feel like this song is highly underrated among the fanbase, so I urge you to go give it another listen! It’s pure magic.

3. Grapejuice

Another absolutely underrated anthem on this album. The echoy, soft vocals in the verses are so delicate and graceful. Then, when the chorus comes in, it’s enchanting. I can imagine myself riding a bike around Italy to this song, or through a beautiful neighborhood lined with palm trees. There’s something so nostalgic and effortless about this song that I don’t understand why this isn’t in everyone’s top three.

2. Matilda

No surprise here, Matilda is one of Harry Styles’ best songs ever. Not only the melody and instrumentals are captivating but the lyricism is incredible. For anyone who has had to break free from toxic people, Matilda is an anthem about growing up and changing the course of your life. Even if you don’t relate, the storytelling is so heartwarming and perfect. I’ve always been a huge fan of the movie and book “Matilda” so I’m pleased to add this song to my repertoire.

1. Little Freak

I don’t think this song was what anyone was expecting it to be. This song officially has a place on my life’s soundtrack. This will be one of my favorite songs from here on out. When I listen to this song, it’s hard not to reflect on the friendships and relationships I’ve had in my life. It’s a beautiful thing being able to think and remember memories without becoming too attached. When you’ve healed enough to smile and think about the moments spent with a human without wanting them back into your life. When you can look at pictures without any pain, just with nostalgia and thankfulness for all of the beautiful moments that will live on infinitely. I’m just thinking about you, I don’t want you back and I don’t want to ever see you again, but I’m just thinking about you and the moments we shared. This song is my favorite on the album, and I’ll be carrying it with me for a very long time.

What song is #1 on your Harry’s House ranking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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