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How To Score Free Exercise Classes (So You Can Try Them All Out)

free exercise classes

Summer is one of the best times of the year to try out some new fitness trends. It’s often the time when people throw around phrases like “swimsuit ready” “summer bod” and “hot girl summer.” Without promoting unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards, I do still agree that summer is one of the best times to try something new. Where I live, the weather is brutal outside, making it pretty hard to get out and move my body in ways I’m used to. Evening walks, even as the sun goes down are filled with sweat, chaffed thighs and sunburns. When it comes to working out indoors, there are some really fun and unique fitness classes available, so I’ve wanted to try them all out. But did you know you can actually do this for free? Here is every way you can score free exercise classes, so you can try before you buy.

Fitness Studios

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If you’re ready to try something new in person, heading out to a fitness studio can be so much fun! A bunch of fitness studios offer free first classes while some even offer free weeks or month trials! Here are some for you to check out! Personally, I want to sign up for a free class from every single one to see what kind of classes I like the best! For most of these, it’s also pretty awesome that they let you try them out without any commitment, unlike most only free trials that need credit card information and need to be hastily canceled before you’re charged.

Cyclebar – First class free with no commitment.

Club Pilates – Free Intro Pilates Class with no commitment.

Pure Barre – First class free with no commitment.

Orange Theory – First class free with no commitment.

CorePower Yoga – Free week with no commitment.

9Round – Free boxing one-on-one session.

YogaBox – Three free classes with no commitment (credit card on file in case a cancellation fee needs to be charged).

Fitness Apps

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Sometimes, to try something new, you don’t even have to leave your house! If you have your own workout equipment (a spin bike, a treadmill, or even just a yoga mat) there are some awesome free fitness apps or trials for you to try out! I love this option because it is one way to seamlessly incorporate fitness into your daily routine. You don’t have to schedule something out, you just have to open your phone up and get moving! 

**Disclaimer: These are only free trials if you cancel your membership before you are charged for the next cycle. Read all terms & conditions clearly so you can make sure you are truly trying out each app for free!

Barre3 – 14-day free trial.

Melissa Wood Health – 7-day free trial.

FitBit Premium – 90-day free trial.

Peloton  – 30-day free trial.

Nike Training Club App – Free app, no free trial necessary.

Tone It Up – 7-day free trial.

Echelon Fit 30-day free trial

Fitness Bundle Apps

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Recently, I’ve seen a bunch of different apps that are bundling fitness classes all in one place. If you choose to have a membership for one of these apps, you are allotted a wide variety of fitness classes to choose from! Instead of a single studio membership, you can jump between different studios and try a lot of new things out. Here are some free trials you can try out!

ClassPass – Free 10 credits, available for one month. Depending on the studios in your area, this might be around 1-3 free classes (if that).

GymPass – 7-day free trial.

Other Free Classes

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Sometimes, there are some other ways to utilize free fitness classes! Here are a few that you should be on the lookout for!

Fitness studio’s social media/newsletters Some studios give out free class coupon codes on their social media accounts or in their email newsletters. When I used to go to Cyclebar, they would often post codes for free classes on their Instagram! If you’re interested in a specific studio, keep your eyes on these things. Especially keep an eye on these around holidays and near the beginning of new years.

Athletic Stores A ton of athletic stores like Altheta, REI, Lululemon and other shops host free fitness classes. Check out their website, which often has an event calendar page and enroll in free classes! Just like that!

YouTube – There are SO MANY free fitness classes on YouTube for you to try out! Whether it’s Chloe Ting, Tone It Upor so many other fitness YouTube accounts! 

How else can you score free exercise classes? Have any other apps/studios we should try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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